Non-SCPS Enrollment

Permission to Enroll in an SCPS Course for Undergraduate Students

‌Students from schools/colleges outside of SCPS may request permission to enroll in some courses offered in SCPS.

Process to Request Permission to Enroll in a SCPS Course

‌Undergraduate students from other schools/colleges at Loyola may request permission to enroll in courses offered through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Students who wish to submit an appeal through their academic advisors should do so only if there are mitigating circumstances preventing enrollment in the courses offered in the traditional format by the other schools and colleges at Loyola.

SCPS courses are in an accelerated, applied format and are tailored for working adults.


SCPS students are given priority enrollment for SCPS courses. Decisions for requests submitted on behalf of a non-SCPS student will be contingent upon space available in the course. Students will be notified of enrollment approval or denial via e-mail.

Students wishing to enroll in a SCPS section should meet the following requirements:

  • Students must demonstrate academic need to complete a specific course to be taken during a specific term. Your primary academic advisor will verify if academic need has been met prior to the submission of your appeal.
  • Must be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.
  • Any special permission (i.e. approval of enrolling in more than 18 hours) must be included with the appeal completed by the student's advisor.


Please note the following guidelines when requesting to enroll in an SCPS course:

  • Permission for enrollment will not be granted for any course with the course ID “CPST.”
  • Appeals will not be accepted for requests sent after the first day of the session.
  • SCPS sections may not be audited.
  • SCPS sections are not recommended for students with fewer than 30 college credits (Loyola and/or transfer).

Request Procedure

The student’s academic advisor must complete the ‌Non-SCPS Request Form. The completed form should then be sent via the advisor’s email address to the School of Continuing & Professional Studies office at

Please see the form for additional instructions.

Attendance Policy

Success in SCPS courses heavily depend on attendance and participation online.  Because of the pace and rigor of the accelerated class format, missing one week of class is equivalent to missing approximately two weeks of course content in the traditional format. Absences may result in failing the course.

Withdrawals from SCPS Courses

SCPS courses follow an adjusted withdrawal schedule that is different from the 16-week calendar. Students who enroll in SCPS courses must adhere to the SCPS academic calendar and the withdrawal schedule as outlined by the Office of the Bursar.