Class Format Options

Online Classes

Our fully online classes can may consist of both synchronous and asynchronous components:

  • Synchronous courses meet live online at a designated date and time with teachers presenting via video or audio and students participating either via chat, audio, and video. Synchronous sessions are mandatory and will be held in the evening or on weekends at times pre-set within the schedule.
  • Asynchronous means there is independent coursework to complete within a certain time frame, but students are not required to be online at a specific day or time at any point in the session.

Blended Classes

Our blended courses consist of 4 face-to-face meetings on alternating weeks coupled with online coursework over the entirety of the session.  Schedule A classes begin their face-to-face sequence of classes within week one of the session and schedule B classes begin their face-to-face sequence of classes within week two of the session. However, all coursework starts on day 1 of the session.

Blended courses are held in downtown Chicago on the Water Tower campus.

To learn more about what format a course will be held in, please refer to either the Course Schedules or the Course Rotation Schedules.