Outstanding Value

Finishing your degree is more affordable than you think. For hair stylist Kristen Broyles, scholarships from Loyola enabled her to take and complete her management degree faster. "I now feel empowered to start my own business and continue on to graduate school to further my learning in business, with a focus on organizational psychology and development."

How You Can Afford College

Learn about the costs of your degree, as well as financial aid opportunities.
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Loyola can help you navigate your financial aid opportunities; including student loans, grants, and scholarships.
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Loyola SCPS offers 13 scholarships to help reduce student costs.
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Get credit for previous college courses, corporate/military training, proficiency tests, or other real-world experience.
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Loyola SCPS accepts transfer credit earned from community colleges and regionally accredited universities for University Core courses.
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Erik Padilla is a successful neurodiagnostic technologist in Chicago who decided to complete his college degree at Loyola. He saved time and money by completing a Prior Learning Assessment to get credit for his professional experience.


“I had to choose a school that would allow me to attend full time, while also working full time—in addition to being affordable.”
  • Dominique Merritt
  • Degree: Management
  • Certificate: Psychology
  • Graduation: May 2010

Number of scholarships Dominique received during his time at Loyola.
The difference in annual salary between college graduates aged 25-32 and their peers without degrees.
The difference in unemployment rates between college grads and those without degrees.

Earning Your Degree Matters

We hear so many tales of doubt about whether it makes economic common sense to earn your college degree. A Pew Research study makes it clear: Those who have a bachelor’s degree, on average, earn more.
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Scholarship Stories

"Learning that there are people out there that want to help and value's good to know." — Scholarship recipient Ray McPartlin, BA '12
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Learn more about continuing education at Loyola

Visit Loyola’s School for Continuing & Professional Studies for more information on degree and certificate programs, transfer credits, and flexibility options.