Non-Traditional Credit

Credit for Prior Learning

Not all learning takes place inside a classroom. Adult students, in particular, often have a reservoir of college-level learning (CLL) gained through professional and personal accomplishments that they can use to earn non-traditional credit (NTC) towards Loyola's degree completion programs offered through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Students may apply up to 36 non-traditional credit hours to the completion of their degree program. This can save you up to three full-time semesters of time and money!

Non-Traditional Learning

  • NTC is credit earned by demonstrating college-level learning (CLL) completed outside of the classroom.
  • NTC is a way for the University to validate your learning from personal and professional experiences by providing credit options that are incredibly cost-effective and that will help you reduce the time to complete your degree.
  • NTC can be applied to many core, major, minor, and general elective credit requirements.
  • CLL is learning a student has acquired in a personal and/or professional setting that the student must demonstrate through concrete evidence. Experiences alone do not constitute as CLL.
  • Students must be able to demonstrate what they can do and how they can apply knowledge in varying situations to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Students’ identification and demonstration of CLL is a process that requires reflection – a core Loyola value.
  • SCPS adheres to the Higher Learning Commission guidelines and the quality standards, principles, and procedures for assessing learning as determined by Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL).
  • You can learn more about NTC on the Learning Counts website at this link.
  • We recommend that you reflect upon your own personal timeline, starting after high school, to determine CLL from:
    • Learning at work (training, professional development, certificates, licensures, etc.)
    • Learning as a volunteer (seminars, certificates, etc.).
    • Hobbies, travel, and leisure.
    • Mastery of a second language.
  • Students must demonstrate CLL through evidence and documentation. To start brainstorming, we recommend: 
    • Compiling an updated resume.
    • Completing the “Inventory and Self-Assessment Timeline” shared in your CPST 200: Introduction to Degree Completion course using your resume as a guide.
  •      If you complete NTC, you can save up to three semesters of time and money. That is over $24,120 in tuition savings!


Types of Non-Traditional Credit

Listed below are the non-traditional credit options that Loyola accepts. Please visit each link to learn more: 

  1. Non-Traditional Credit: Examinations
  2. Non-Traditional Credit: American Council on Education (ACE)
  3. Non-Traditional Credit: Military Education
  4. Non-Traditional Credit: Police Training

Take a look at how non-traditional credit fits into your plan to graduate.