Non-Traditional Credit: Police Training

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students who have completed the education provided by the Chicago Police Department (CPD) Police Academy will be awarded 20 NTC hours to be applied as general elective credits.
  • Students who have completed comparable training at other police academies (outside of CPD) may also be considered as candidates to receive NTC.
  • The CPD Police Academy will not release completion documents directly to the University as is done for official transcripts; instead, the certificate of completion is only released to the student directly. Therefore, a student must submit a copy of their certificate of completion to their academic advisor. This certificate of completion will also be cross-checked in the Illinois Law Enforcement Training And Standards Board database.
  • Students who have completed training outside of CPD need to provide documentation, such as the certificate of completion, course syllabi, faculty biographies, and clock hours logged, to be considered for a NTC credit award. These materials should be sent to the student’s advisor and will be reviewed by SCPS faculty for a credit hour determination of no more than 20 NTC hours.
  • These NTC hours of general elective credit will factor into the 36 total NTC hour maximum permitted for posting. These hours will help students reach the 120 credit hours required to graduate.

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