Current SCPS Fellows

Current SCPS Fellows

Congratulations on becoming an SCPS Fellow!

This page contains helpful information for you to review now that you have been admitted to the Fellows Program. Be sure to complete the following checklist each term:

File the FAFSA

Be sure to submit the FAFSA early every year. Loyola will not approve your matching funds until you have submitted a FAFSA. 

Register for classes early 

Enroll in classes at least 30 days in advance of each term to ensure that your funding is confirmed. You may still add or drop classes, but inform SCPS of any changes that might affect the scholarship amount you receive.

Understand how your tuition will be paid

  • Read the full details on the Guidelines Page and contact us with any questions. 

Contact the Office of the Bursar at 773.508.7705 or

  • If you need to set up an iPlan for the remainder of your bill.
  • If you need to have a hold removed. 

Contact the Financial Aid office at 773.508.7704 or

  • To confirm the number of credit hours you plan on taking with Financial Aid every semester because it can impact the amount of aid you receive.
  • If you decide you need a loan: Federal Stafford loans are awarded via the FAFSA information. It is suggested that you decline these loans until you determine if those funds are needed to cover any lost funding. Once declined, the loans can be reinstated as needed.

Attend Orientation 

All Fellows who are new to SCPS must attend an SCPS Orientation. The next orientation is scheduled for August 17, 2019.

Bookmark important webpages

For all other information about the Fellows Program, including guidelines for remaining in the Program, visit the SCPS Fellows Program Guidelines page. Additionally, this page contains helpful resources for enrolled students.

For questions related to your bill or payment, contact the Bursar's Office:
For questions related to your coursework, contact Tiffany Sharpe:

Some photos from recent Fellows Events