SCPS Fellows Program Guidelines

The SCPS Fellows Program is designed to support company tuition assistance programs through a matching grant of up to $5,250.00. Therefore, you can double the support you give to your coworkers as they pursue their studies.

Applications for Fall are due every year on August 1. Applications for Spring every year are due on December 10. Applications for Summer are due on May 1. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies will nominate students for the SCPS Fellows Program at Loyola University Chicago in the School for Continuing and Professional Studies via the online form or the paper form. (Note: This nomination form does not automatically enroll the student) Once the nomination form is received, the student will be sent a note to apply for admission via Loyola’s standard, basic admission form. The student will be contacted to submit a Fellows application and meet with an Enrollment Advisor.

Applicants must:

  • Be completing their first undergraduate degree with Loyola.

  • Seek and be admitted to SCPS (readmitted students may also apply). See below for further details. 

  • Be gainfully employed and receive tuition reimbursement by their company or sponsoring organization (students may also be sponsored by an organization, such as a parish). A copy of the employer tuition support policy must be provided to LUC as part of the application process. If an employer approval process is required to access tuition support, a copy of that permission must be provided to LUC.

  • Meet the standard SCPS guidelines for admission

  • Be nominated by their employer and submit a Fellows Application

  • Submit transcripts for all prior academic work

  • Complete the FAFSA and send results to LUC

  • Not be a Loyola University employee
  • Have recent academic success, a pattern of steady and rising employment success, and exhibit commitment to completing the degree. Each nomination is evaluated by the Fellows Committee; academic performance, the employer nomination, and career assessment are all evaluated.

Please Note:

  • Students who are provided with $8,000 or more annually by their employer may not be eligible
  • Fellows are not eligible for any additional SCPS scholarships (though outside scholarships are acceptable). Veterans are eligible for the Fellows Program if not receiving full tuition funding. Veterans must work with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how the Fellows scholarship affects their VA benefits. 

No, only new students are eligible for the Fellows Program. Students are still considered "new" when enrolled in their first session. Students must complete the Fellows nomination and application process before the end of their first session in order to be eligible for the Fellows Program.

We recommend that companies and sponsoring organizations nominating students consider a number of possible factors. Without intending any restriction, a few examples might be the students' tenure at the company or organization, the students’ potential for being a future leader, their potential for adding to the diversity of leadership, etc.

SCPS offers rolling admission. Once students have been accepted into SCPS and into the Fellows program, they can be enroll as a Fellow for the next semester. Entry points for the Fellows Program are Fall (August), Spring (January) and Summer (May). Students must be registered at least 30 days in advance of each term for the courses they plan to take (although changes in courses may still be made after the term begins).

A company may nominate as many coworkers as they wish for the program. The SCPS Fellows Committee reviews all applications individually.

The majority of Fellows will receive their full award of Fellows funding as two lump sums divided equally: the first at the beginning of the academic year in August, and the second at the beginning of the Spring semester in January.  

Example: If a student is receiving a scholarship of $5,250, she will receive $2,625 in Fall I and $2,625 in Spring I. 

  • However, if a student is accepted as a Fellow beginning in January or in the Summer semester, she will receive a scholarship that equals half of her tuition bill. Example: If a student is eligible to receive an annual Fellows scholarship of $5,250 and her summer tuition bill is $3,780, she would receive a Fellows scholarship of $1,890 in the Summer semester.  
  • If a student does not receive any Fellows funding in a specific term (such as summer), the student's tuition and fees must be paid at the beginning of the term and cannot be deferred. 
  1. The award will appear as a credit to the student's account, and it is up to the student to budget this money for the academic year based on the student's Financial Aid package.
  2. The Fellows scholarship may only be used to cover the cost of tuition, and may not used for fees, books, living expenses, etc.
  3. Scholarship amounts cannot exceed a tuition bill: in instances where government aid covers more than half of a tuition bill, the student will receive a Fellows scholarship that equals half of her tuition bill.
  4. This amount is subject to change if a student adds/drops classes or if an employer does not provide tuition reimbursement as anticipated.
  5. Students may be asked to pay back any amount that is not matched by an employer, as promised.
  6. The Bursar's office manages the financial aspect of each Fellows' account after the scholarship amount is determined and posted at the start of the year.
  7. Students will be notified each month when a new e-bill is generated.
  8. The remainder of the bill, if any, not covered by the Fellows program or traditional financial aid is the student's responsibility to pay. They can pay that amount in a lump sum when it is due or they can use an iPlan to make monthly payments.
  9. If students opt to use their federal loans to pay the account balance and receive a refund of the excess loan funds, the employer portion will be covered by the loans prior to the refund.
  10. Loyola understands that there may be a delay in the employer contribution until grades are posted. The standard $110 deferment fees will be waived for Fellows. No late fees will apply until the end of the semester. (Note the above exception - if a student does not receive any Fellows funding in a specific term, such as summer, the student's tuition and fees must be paid at the beginning of the term and cannot be deferred.
  11. SCPS reserves the right to conduct audits by contacting employers and confirm tuition reimbursement amounts provided to the Fellow. Fellows may owe the university for any portion of the Fellows scholarship that was provided to them that was not matched by their employer.

Fellows may learn more about billing and payment on the Fellows webpage.  Click on the link for more information on how students receive financial aid.

Note: Students in the SCPS Fellows Program are not eligible for other SCPS scholarships.

Loyola uses the academic year as tuition payment cycle (i.e. the current budget year Fall 2014, Spring 2015 and Summer 2015).

To remain in the SCPS Fellows Program, students must:

Take at least six credit hours in the Fall semester, and six credit hours in the Spring semester.

Keep a cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

  • If Fellows drop below a cumulative 3.0 GPA, they will be placed on Fellows Probation for one semester. If a 3.0 cumulative GPA is not reached after the completion of the probationary semester, the student will be dismissed from the Fellows Program.
  • Fellows put on probation will be required to meet with the Assistant Dean to construct a probation plan.
  • Once a student is dismissed from the program, they are not eligible to reapply to the program. However, they may apply for other SCPS scholarships

Remain actively employed or engaged in their sponsoring organization and receive matching funding.

  • If anticipated funding from an employer is not provided (be it due to a grade received, dismissal from the organization, or any other reason), the Fellow may be required to repay the university for any Fellows scholarship money that was not matched by their employer (the amount owed will be posted as a bill on the Fellows’ account).
  • If the student switches employment or loses tuition support from the sponsoring organization, the student will be dismissed from the Fellows Program. 

Not take two consecutive semesters away from their studies.

Meet with the Assistant Dean/Enrollment Advisor as needed to confirm their plan of coursework.

Employers are required to inform Loyola if there has been a change in the students' status (such as termination of employment). Employers are also required to inform Loyola if there has been a change in their tuition reimbursement policies that will affect their enrolled employees.

Nominators will be sent an email when their respective nominees are nominated, accepted, and enrolled to the program. The employers will be sent updates on the SCPS Fellows Program throughout the year. Furthermore, employers will be invited to their employees' commencement ceremonies (if approved by the respective Fellow).