Student Forms

Internal Transfer Form

Internal Transfer Application

This form is used to change from a major in one school to another major in a different school. (For example, a student who wants to change from a major in College of Arts and Sciences to a major in School of Continuing and Professional Studies.)

Request for Non-SCPS Student To Take an SCPS Course

SCPS students are given first opportunity to enroll in SCPS courses. However, non-SCPS students can enroll in classes if availability in the course allows. Click here to know more.

Graduation Information for SCPS students

The staff and faculty work tirelessly with SCPS students to help them accomplish their goals to graduate. However, here are some of the finer details students need to know, in order to qualify for graduation. 

CPST 397 Enrollment Request

Students need to complete an enrollment request to be enrolled in CPST 397. Requests are only accepted for the upcoming semester.

CPST 397 Enrollment Request Form

Session Over Limit Registration Appeal

SCPS students may register for no more than 3 classes in any one 8-week session without prior permission. Limits also include 8-week session courses that run concurrently with any 16-week semester courses. Students may not be enrolled in 3 concurrently running courses within an 8-week period without prior permission. Students must submit the "Session Over Limit Registration Appeal" to

Session Over Limit Registration Appeal