Graduation Details for SCPS

Who Can Apply?

All SCPS students must submit a graduation application to be eligible for graduation. The application is available online through LOCUS.

What Happens When You Apply?

When you submit your application, you initiate a request for an audit of your requirements. Upon completion, your graduation audit, which details your remaining requirements for graduation, will be sent to you via email. You may also choose to schedule an appointment to personally review your remaining requirements with your primary academic advisor.

When to Apply

  • For undergraduate degree-seeking students who have earned at least 80 total credit hours and at least 20 credit hours at Loyola are eligible to apply for graduation.
  • Graduate degree-seeking students should complete their application when they've met with their advisor to determine their time to completion. This should be done within a student's first session.
  • Both undergraduate and graduate certificate-seeking students, because programs are completed quickly, should apply within their first session.

Students may apply to graduate in the Fall, Spring, J-Term, or Summer semester. This means you will plan to complete all of your degree requirements in that semester. The application deadlines can be found on the Registration & Records website.

Again, early application is strongly encouraged to ensure that you receive your graduation audit prior to enrolling in your final semester’s classes. Students who do not apply by the application deadline must contact the SCPS Office.

Where to Apply

The Graduation Application is available online through LOCUS. If you do not see your "expected graduation term" as one of the options on the application, please contact the SCPS Office. Students who do not apply by the application deadline must contact the SCPS Office.

Why Apply?

To be eligible to graduate, you must apply. Also, by applying early, you ensure that you're meeting all requirements by your expected graduation semester.

Preparing to Graduate

Review the steps outlined by the Registration & Records Office on their website:

How to Apply

Please follow these steps to complete your application in LOCUS: (A video tutorial can be found here)

  1. Log into LOCUS
  2. From the Student Homepage (main page after you've logged in), select, "Academic Records"
  3. From the menu bar on the left, select, "Apply for Graduation"
  4. Select "Apply for Graduation" for the correct program
  5. Select your desired graduation term
  6. Proofread the application information and press ‘Continue’ 
  7. Verify or update your name as it will appear on your diploma
  8. Verify or update your permanent address
  9. Indicate whether you will attend the graduation ceremony
  10. Press ‘Save Answers’
  11. Press ‘Continue’
  12. Press ‘Submit Application’

Commencement Ceremony

For information on the SCPS Commencement ceremony, please visit the Commencement website. The ceremony is hosted annually in May and includes graduates from that academic year (fall, spring, and summer).

CPST 397 Enrollment Request

Degree-seeking students need to complete an enrollment request to be enrolled in CPST 397. Requests are only accepted for the upcoming semester.

CPST 397 Enrollment Request Form