Graduation FAQs

1. How do I know if my application was received?

When you submit your application, you initiate an audit of your Core, major, certificate (if applicable), and school requirements by your academic advisor. Upon completion, your advisor will e-mail you a copy of the audit, which details your remaining requirements for graduation.

2. When should I expect to receive my graduation audit?

It is our goal to complete your audit as soon as possible. Early application is strongly encouraged to ensure that you receive your graduation audit prior to enrolling in your final semester’s classes.

3. Is there a graduation application fee?

Yes. For undergraduates, graduation fees will be billed to your student account after reaching 90 credit hours. Please visit the Office of the Bursar (linked below) for more information.

4. What if my major or certificate is not correctly identified in LOCUS?

Please reply to the email address in the message sent to you to request any changes to your graduation audit.

5. What if my expected term of graduation changes?

Please contact your assigned academic advisor to reapply.

6. What if my legal name has changed?

The name that will appear on your diploma will be your Primary Name recorded in LOCUS. If any changes are required, you are asked to enter those changes in LOCUS.  If your Diploma Name differs significantly from your Primary Name, a notarized Name Change Request must be filed in the Office of Registration and Records.

7. What if I wish to have my diploma mailed to another address?

If you wish to have your diploma mailed to another address, please complete the Temporary Diploma Mailing Address form (PDF) and email if to

8. What grade point average is needed to be eligible for laudatory honors?

Students earning 60 or more graded Loyola credits are eligible to graduate with laudatory honors according to the criteria below. This outstanding accomplishment will be noted on the students' diplomas, transcripts, and at the graduation ceremony.

Cumulative Loyola GPALaudatory Honor
3.500 - 3.699 Cum laude (with praise)
3.700 - 3.899 Magna cum laude (with high praise)
3.900 - 4.000 Summa cum laude (with highest praise)

Note: GPA is not rounded for laudatory honors.

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