Designed exclusively for working adult students, the BA in Management program is an interdisciplinary academic degree that is rooted in the liberal arts. The program examines a broad range of management and leadership principles, organizational structures, and interpersonal communication theories and practices for their application to a variety of organizations as they exist today, including the public sector and not-for-profit.   

This degree program differs from a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While the School of Business program in the Management Department seeks to “prepare students to develop business goals, strategies and tactics, and to implement them in well-functioning business organizations,” the SCPS Bachelor of Arts program draws upon a wide range of academic disciplines to teach its core foundations to a working adult population: foundations such as critical thinking and communication skills, team-building and entrepreneurial approaches to problem-solving, project development and organizational leadership practices, and values-based strategic thinking.  For this program, there is no single or unique approach to managerial challenges and applications in our society. Instead, our talented instructors draw from the students’ experiences in their own working lives, joining those to the key lessons learned by a variety of experienced professionals.

As a result, Loyola’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to provide its adult students with the skills necessary to lead a wide variety of today’s organizations – using both real-world and text-based curricular applications.  As its students, you will learn:

  • Basic economic principles (taught in the social sciences) that inform local, national, and international practices in diverse organizations and enterprises;
  • Useful insights into the ways your own work experiences contribute to the success of your organization’s goals and plans (critical and strategic thinking skills);
  • Common approaches and practices of effective interpersonal and team-building communications, as used by a wide variety of organizations today;
  • Familiar and common business applications, including accounting, marketing, project management, and technology-based applications (though these specific courses will be less than 25% of the total curriculum);
  • Education for the whole person, in which academic achievement, personal accomplishment, an ethical approach and a successful career are among the enduring positive outcomes of the Loyola experience.

Students interested in contract law and related perspectives can also concentrate in Paralegal Studies, a program approved by the American Bar Association.

Employers said…

…key skills and aptitudes were responsible for a manager’s initial hiring and subsequent promotion, and that these were cultivated in degree programs that taught business communications, leadership, organizational development, critical thinking and problem solving.  By offering you a valuable curriculum centered on these attributes, Loyola’s B.A. in Management program will help you achieve your career goals by providing a wealth of immediate business applications for your workplace and a reliable credential upon which to build your future.

Get ahead … get going!

Today more than ever, the attainment of your bachelor’s degree is an essential element in your personal and financial success.  According to recent census data, for every dollar earned by a college graduate, someone leaving before obtaining a bachelor’s degree will earn only 67 cents.  At the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, we understand that the route to college success is sometimes a circuitous path, and we are committed to helping you find the right pathway to help you complete your degree.

More than numbers

Professional success in the business world today relies upon a great deal more than a facility with numbers:  For this reason, our B.A. in Management offers you six areas in which you may concentrate.  Please click on the link below to see the entire curriculum:

    • Public Relations in a Digital World
    • Organizational Development and Leadership 
    • Organizational Psychology
    • Social Services and Non-Profit Management

In addition, you may choose to combine your degree in Management with paralegal studies, and be eligible to receive a Certificate in Paralegal Studies. Approved by the American Bar Association, this option will prepare you to achieve success as a paralegal, assisting attorneys in legal practice. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as authorized by law.

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