Alumni Referral Program

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies is excited to announce a new alumni referral program, providing you with an opportunity to help your friends, family members, colleagues, and others, accomplish a life-enriching goal of completing their degree.

Just as you were able to grow professionally, obtaining necessary leadership skills, developing your interpersonal skills, as well as gaining insight on applying technology, we want others close to you to have this same opportunity. We offer BA programs in Management, Paralegal Studies, Applied Psychology, Applied Studies, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, and Pastoral Leadership. You could be the impetus that inspires one to enrich a career or create a new one.


The process is simple – any individual you believe is interested in completing their degree or would benefit from doing so, refer them by clicking here.


If they apply and are accepted, they will receive a scholarship to cover their first class (a $1,890 value) as well as a $50 gift card to Loyola’s bookstore.


We ask that you encourage others to accomplish what you have, taking the necessary steps to reach their potential and attain their career goals, by referring them to Loyola's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.