Kevin O’Connor, CSP, MA, one of SCPS' dynamic instructors

Kevin O’Connor, CSP, MA, one of SCPS

Senior Lecturer, Communication


What do you teach and why are you passionate about the topic?

I teach Small Group Communication, Organizational Communications, and Conflict…what excites me the most about my courses is their usefulness the very next day I teach them. At home, in the office, within oneself these skills make the difference between success and that other thing! They also help us to become more and more useful to those around us and our world.

What first interested you about teaching?

I had great teachers from first grade till now; they were devoted, interested and interesting; and they cared about us and about me as a student….I still remember them individually and what I learned from them.

How is teaching a class of adult students different from other courses you might have taught?

Adult students are used to mutuality, questioning, relevance, and ‘how can I use this tomorrow?’ They are used to dialog and rarely just sit and listen…they interact!

What’s the most memorable interaction you’ve had in an SCPS classroom setting—good or bad, what jumps to mind?

Graduation and meeting the children of my students who are witnessing a model for their future…their parents who took control of their lives and achieved their degree, the first of many degrees!

What would you say to someone considering applying to an SCPS degree program?

The next five years are going to happen anyway...what are you going to do with them?

About Kevin

Kevin has been a faculty member at Loyola since 1989. He teaches graduate students in the Institute of Pastoral Studies and undergraduates in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Kevin also teaches at Chicago's Columbia College, the largest performing arts school in the United States.

He has taught at the Katholieke Universiteit at Leuven outside of Brussels, Belgium.

He holds three Masters degrees (Education, Counseling Psychology, Pastoral Studies) and has earned the CSP designation (Certified Speaking Professional). Less than 590 persons in the world hold this honor for speaking and teaching excellence.

Kevin owns a consulting company that works with technical professionals (PhDs, MDs, PharmDs, JDs, etc) who have been promoted to lead teams of their fellow professionals. He speaks professionally, consults and coaches with these clients.

He is the author of six books and the contributor to four more.

Courses taught

CMUN 224 Organizational Communication

CMUN 231 Conflict Management and Communication

CMUN 237 Small Group Communication

IPS (Institute of Pastoral Studies) 501 Human Relations Skills


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