Estimate Your Transfer Credits

Have you completed courses at another institution? Have you completed corporate or military training, or taken proficiency tests? You may be able to apply the knowledge you've gained from your professional experience toward your Loyola SCPS degree. To see how transfer credit can help you complete your degree, enter your expected transfer credits in each area. Default values represent the average for Loyola students

Previous Academic Credit*:
Past Military Training:
ACE Credit:
CLEP Credit:
Transfer Credit Total: 
Credits to be Taken
at Loyola (45 minimum):

* We can accept a maximum of 64 credit hours from a two-year institution. There is no limit from other four-year institutions. 

The values on this page are estimates. Please consult an advisor for a more detailed assessment of your transfer portfolio.

Now that you know your estimated transfer credits, here is a look at a typical SCPS student's journey to their degree