Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology


The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology incorporates coursework from applied psychology and organizational leadership to build a degree with a wide spectrum of applications. This far-ranging curriculum offers adult students the opportunity to build on the experience they already have while they prepare for greater responsibility and advancement in their careers.

The program focuses on a combination of practical skills derived from the study of psychology. Possible career tracks include leadership and management, career development, employee relations, training, coaching, and human services.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology program will:

  • Build on their experience and gain a well-rounded skillset to complement the professional experience they already possess
  • Develop critical thinking across subjects such as psychology, research methods, statistics, and organizational leadership
  • Gain valuable communication and management skills as part of a career preparation module


Courses in the BA in Applied Psychology will help students:

  • Identify basic psychological theories and apply these theories in personal and professional settings
  • Improve knowledge of leadership within organizations and how to apply that knowledge within one’s own career
  • Increase the capacity to work more effectively with others as well as lead a group when disagreement and conflict are present
  • Learn the skills of effectively communicating within a structured organization and understand how to effectively advocate, influence, and move an agenda forward
  • Develop a greater understanding of the role of the basic components of an organization’s control structure and how to harness the strengths within that structure

Students can focus in one of several concentration areas:

  • Business Communication
  • Corporate and Organizational Communication
  • Criminal Justice
  • Finance/Economics
  • Organizational Development and Leadership
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Paralegal
  • Individualized
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Public Relations in a Digital World
  • Social Services and Non-Profit Management

Courses are offered on an eight-week accelerated schedule, with classes meeting one night a week from 6–10 p.m. Students have the flexibility of five enrollment start dates over the course of the academic year (including summer courses).

The program also offers a fully online option.

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