Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies


The primary goal of the program is to prepare students to work as assistants to attorneys. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as authorized by law.

This BA degree is especially relevant for students who have already earned paralegal credits or completed a paralegal program at a community college. Many courses are transferrable, though 50% of credits toward the paralegal major must be earned at Loyola. This degree also provides a broad liberal arts background.

Students will also cultivate these core paralegal competencies:

  • Develop an understanding of the law, the legal and paralegal professions, and the legal process, including the use of technology.
  • Acquire practical, technical skills as well as a basic knowledge of legal theory, and specialized competency in specific areas of the chosen concentration.
  • Demonstrate competence in legal research and writing, problem analysis, and critical thinking.
  • Display an awareness of ethical, moral, and social issues that contain legal implications, as well as knowledge of the standards of conduct expected of the legal community.

Specialized Practice Certificates

Students may earn a specialized certificate in Civil Litigation or Corporate Practice (or both) that will refine their skills to meet the demands of the modern legal workplace.

Career Development

Paralegal students learn career-building skills throughout their coursework, and have the assistance of the Institute staff in finding employment. Institute graduates work in law firms, corporations, associations, banks, and government agencies throughout the United States. Almost all of the largest law firms in Chicago include Institute graduates on their staffs. Their titles demonstrate the widening scope of paralegal work and some graduates use their paralegal education in other fields, such as human resources, insurance, commercial leasing, and financial services.

Legal employers regularly contact the Institute to post openings on the program’s online job board.

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