Looking for more in a job search? Get networked!

SCPS knows that not all of our students can fit their Loyola schedule into “normal” business hours, and we work hard to find ways around the unique challenges presented to adult students. One no-brainer would be to bring some of those great LUC services directly to our students, which is why we threw a Networking Tips night co-hosted by Career Services earlier this semester.

The event was a chance to hear some tips on using networking to further your own career, as well as some first-hand accounts from people who have directly benefited from connections they’ve made. Career Center Director Darby Schism offered these important tips to keep in mind when networking:

  • Networking is not just an event, it’s an ongoing process that you must nurture and maintain.
  • Everyone you meet and know (and everyone they know) is already a member of your network—6 degrees of separation.
  • Hidden Job Market—stats show that more than 80% of jobs (even more in this down market) are never even posted.  They are filled through referrals.
  • Create a “sales pitch,” an “elevator speech” of your most important skills and interests.
  • Use informational interviewing to find out more about an industry or job function—fact finding meetings.
  • Explore professional associations, chamber of commerce meetings, community meetings to find out about a particular industry area and meet new contacts.
  • Networking is a two-way street. Try to think about how you can give back to your network contacts.
  • Maintain a tracking system to keep track of all your contacts and interactions. Keep in touch regularly.

Believe it or not, there is more to Career Services than tips like these and normal office hours. Their blog is updated on a regular basis, and offers the latest news and tips for job seekers. Check it out at

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