Meet the winner of 2017-18 President's Medallion: Kathryn Marie Green

Meet the winner of 2017-18 President

The President's Medallion is awarded to students who excel not only in the classroom, but also in the world, and are dedicated to helping those around them. SCPS and Institute for Paralegal Studies are so proud of Kathryn for her enthusiasm and passionate work.

Kathryn arrived at Loyola’s Institute for Paralegal Studies with an established history of leadership, scholarship, and service.  She graduated from the College of St. Benedict in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies and Peace & Conflict Studies.  After graduating, Kathryn moved to Thailand to teach English to under-resourced communities.  During her five years there, she worked with several organizations to support the various needs of the community.  She taught English, proposed grants, and provided essential resources to people in need.

Kathryn’s work in Thailand inspired her to take a position with the Greenheart Exchange in Chicago.  This organization sponsors visas for individuals from around the world seeking professional internships in the United States.  In Kathryn’s role as a Compliance Manager, she oversees all in-country services to the J-1 Visa interns and is responsible for ensuring the program remains in compliance with Department of State regulations.  This role has allowed her to apply her previous experiences serving immigrant and refugee communities as well as build new skills in legal aid and compliance.

Kathryn’s dedication to her work with Greenheart Exchange is what led her to apply to Loyola’s Institute for Paralegal Studies.  She has taken courses in Immigration Law, Legal Ethics, and Corporate Compliance that directly relate to the work she is doing with immigrants in Chicago.  Her instructors revere her as a model student with insights and experiences that improve the learning environment for the entire class.  She is a gifted leader who has used her intellect and passion to make a great impact in the Chicago community as well as around the world.  She will certainly use her Loyola education to continue to grow and do meaningful work in the future.

About the President's Medallion Winner:

Leadership. Scholarship. Service.

Those three words are etched onto the President’s Medallion that Loyola awards annually to its most outstanding students. They are words that neatly summarize all that the University represents. And they also sum up the 2016–17 President’s Medallion recipients—students who excel not only in the classroom, but also in the world, and are dedicated to helping those around them.

“Each of the recipients was recommended for this award by their academic dean because they exemplify a wonderful combination of achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service,” said Jane Neufeld, vice president for Student Development, at the annual President’s Ball last year.

“In addition, they are seen as persons of integrity, good reputation, and manifest leadership in serving others,” Neufeld said. “In short, they are students for which Loyola and its founders can take great pride.”