Loyola University Chicago

Department of Anthropology


Anthropology Faculty Values Statement

At its core, anthropology is the study of human sameness and difference. For more than a century, anthropological research has explored the extraordinary diversity of human cultural forms across both time and space. This research affirms the fundamental humanity of all people and exposes historically contingent systems of colonialism, racism, ethnocentrism, and sexism that inhibit the ability of certain people to access resources and well-being. Pervasive and persistent, these systems have long shaped anthropological research as well.

Addressing fundamental harms of systems of inequality coheres the work of our faculty. In research and teaching, we help "make the world safe for human difference," as the anthropologist Ruth Benedict once said. This is not merely a theoretical problem, but one we address through a praxis of commitment to each other, our students, and our communities. As a faculty, we assert that Black Lives Matter, and we believe in the inherent dignity of all persons regardless of their ethnoracial categorization, gender identity, sexuality, socioeconomic class, citizenship status, ability, or other forms of social difference. We actively stand in solidarity with students, colleagues, and community members who face discrimination on these grounds. We further pledge to advance principles of equity and justice through open, respectful, and continual engagement with colleagues, students, and community members.

We recognize that these principles represent a process, not an outcome. We welcome all members of our community to engage in these conversations with us and to use the tools of anthropological theory and praxis to build a more equitable future.