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Michele Statz ('05)

Michele Statz (

Michele Statz earned her BA in Anthropology at Loyola in 2005. She went on to graduate school at the University of Washington, earning her MA in Sociocultural Anthropology in 2011 and her PhD Sociocultural Anthropology and Comparative Law and Society in 2014. Her research and teaching in the Department of Family Medicine and BioBehavioral Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth is focused on rural access to justice and community health, building on previous work focused on young migrants in China and the U.S. Michele published her first book in 2018, Lawyering an Uncertain Cause: Immigration Advocacy and Chinese Youth in the US.

Michele is also co-creator, with Lauren Heidbrink, of YouthCirculations.com, a project focused on representing the experiences of young migrants and their families. Together, they have recently published a commentary in Anthropology News on the role of anthropologists in public policy debates around migration.