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Collections pertaining to writings on the Catholic Church, by or about Catholic individuals, and the work of Catholic organizations.


Robert Broderick Papers, 1926-2003

Broderick was the author of more than 25 works on topics related to the Catholic Church. He is best known for the Catholic Encyclopedia published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, which he edited while his wife, Virginia Gaertner Broderick, provided the illustrations.


 Gerardo Decorme, S.J., papers, ca 1940-1941

Decorme wrote a history of the Jesuits in Mexico - La Obra de Los Jesuitas en Mexico durante la Epoca Colonial 1572-1767 - which was published in 1941. These papers consist of a 2 volume manuscript, in Spanish, of that work.


Marie Aloysia Dunne papes, 1906-1932

Dunne was an educator, lecturer, and prolific writer. For sixteen years she was the principal of the Alfred Nobel Public School in Chicago. Besides her work as an educator, she is most remembered for her contributions to the New World, Rosary Magazine, and Magnificat, and for her translation of the Life of Pierre Olivaint, by Charles Clair, S.J.



 Catholic organizations


Catholic Church Extension Society Records

The Catholic Church Extension Society was established October 18, 1905, to serve the home missions, areas that lacked personnel, organization, and finances. The Extension Society has helped to build churches, educate and support clergy and seminarians, and has provided financial assistance for dioceses in the western and southern states as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and other areas

Record Group: Catholic Church Extension Society

Subgroup 1: History

Subgroup 2: Administration

  • Subgroup 3: Diocesan Correspondence

    • Series 1 to 5: United States, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, and Pacific

    Subgroup 4: Chapel Cars

  • Subgroup 5: Chapels and Buildings

  • Subgroup 6: Wills and Estates

  • Subgroup 7: Publications

    Subgroup 8: Photographs



    Chicago Interstudent Catholic Action (CISCA) Collection

    CISCA was founded as CISCORA (Chicago Catholic Student Conference on Religious Activities) in 1927 by Joseph Reiner, S.J., at Loyola University Chicago, to interest and educate high school and college students in Catholic Action.




    Illinois Catholic Historical Society

    Inspired by the Illinois centennial in 1918, Frederic Siedenburg, S.J., established the Illinois Catholic Historical Society at the School of Sociology, Loyola University. The goal of the ICHS was to study and survey the Catholic history of Illinois; collect historical works, documents, records, relics and mementoes; create a Catholic library and museum; and disseminate knowledge about Catholic history through lectures and publications. ICHS published a quarterly journal, the Illinois Catholic Historical Review, from 1918 to 1929, which was renamed Mid-America in 1930. In 1933 the ICHS participated in the Century of Progress World's Fair with an exhibit of the Marquette cabin, and in 1934 the society ceased to exist after transferring control of Mid-America to Loyola. 



    National Catholic Aids network (NCAN)

    NCAN was founded in 1989 by a group of clergy and lay people in the Catholic Church and was devoted to helping the Catholic Church respond with compassion and understanding to the HIV/AIDS crisis. NCAN provided educational resources to Catholic agencies, communities, and individuals. It ceased operations August 1, 2007.

     Nevett fund of America records

    The Nevett fund of America was conceptualized in 1965 after Rita Anton learned of the work of Albert Nevett, S.J., in India. The Nevett fund was first established in England, Nevett's native country. The America chapter of the charitable organization, with Rita Santon as its president, was based in Chicago from 1965-1997.


    Holy Family Parish