Loyola University Chicago

Arrupe College

Patrick Durgin


Title: Graduate Support Coordinator
Degrees: BA, College of the Holy Cross
Hometown: Hanover, Massachusetts

What attracted you to Arrupe College?

I remember first hearing about Arrupe while I was a senior at Holy Cross and being impressed that a Jesuit school was truly “walking the walk” that was so ingrained in our mission statements and values. When I was looking to relocate to Chicago, Fr. Joe Parkes, SJ, the President of Cristo Rey New York, told me to look at what Arrupe was doing. I was astonished at the progress that had been made in the development of the College in the two years since I had graduated from college.  When the opportunity to be the first Graduate Support Coordinator arose, I jumped at the opportunity to work with our graduates as they make the next step!

Talk a little about your role at Arrupe College.

I work with our alums once they have completed their associate degrees here. I stay in contact with them through several different strategies involving email, Facebook, social media, texting, newsletters and event planning. Through these platforms, I engage with them to support them and ensure their transitions are successful.  Some ways that I do this are by directing them to resources on their campuses, connecting with their advisors and checking in with alums that have already moved into their careers.

How did you get involved in student services?

After graduating, I went on to work at Cristo Rey New York High School in their full-time residential volunteer program. I knew I wanted to work in the sphere of education but Cristo Rey helped me fully realize the kind of impact that I could have on students as well as the impact they could have on my life. Teaching, coaching and being a college counselor informed my decision regarding what I wanted to do with my future and the opportunity to work at Arrupe in this role was the ideal next step.

What’s your favorite part about serving as graduate support coordinator? And the biggest challenge?

Getting to know the community of Arrupe College from the students to the faculty and staff has been amazing and helped me adjust as an outsider to not only Loyola but also to Chicago. The biggest challenge has been to create a robust program that did not even exist six months ago in a short period of time and continue to make it stronger!