Title: Social Worker

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Degrees: B.S. Psychology, Loyola University Chicago, 2004; A.M. Social Work, University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration (Now Crown Family School of Social Work), 2010

What clubs and/or organizations are you involved in and what do you do?

National Association of Social Workers, member

What attracted you to Arrupe College?

The equitable access to quality higher education.

How did you get involved in higher education?

My family always stressed the value of education. From my own personal and professional experiences, I realized there are so many things that can impact a person's education outside the classroom. I've been fortunate to receive the support I needed to thrive and wanted to provide others with the same opportunities.

What is your favorite aspect about working at Arrupe? And the biggest challenge?

My favorite aspect about working at Arrupe is watching students grow. The biggest challenge is working through years of adversity that some students have experienced before and during their time in college.