Title: Lecturer

Degree: MA, University of Cincinnati

Hometown:  Cincinnati, Ohio

Courses taught: ACMAT 100 Math Fundamentals, ACSTA 101 Statistics, ACECO 201 Microeconomics, ACECO 202 Macroeconomics

What attracted you to Arrupe College?

The mission of the college, the outstanding community of students we serve, the Jesuit identity and tradition, and the broader community and support of Loyola University were the key reasons for wanting to work at Arrupe and accompany our students on what I know is a transformative journey for them and their families.

Talk a little about the classes you teach.

In all my classes, I want to challenge students to think in new ways, and change the way they see the world.  I love those moments where I am able to draw connections across the classes I teach, and the other disciplines in the curriculum.  For math and statistics, I want the students to have a successful experience with math.  My objectives are to prepare students with the quantitative literacy they will need for any major or professional field they choose to excel in.  Improving our world requires citizens who can analyze, interpret, and evaluate numerical information.  Economics is not a class about money or the stock market.  I hope that students understand that economics is more fundamentally about how to make choices to increase their happiness and move us towards a more just society - to be able to critically evaluate the difficult trade-offs that need to be made.

How did you get involved in teaching?

I transitioned from an IT career in the corporate world.  I spent a great deal of time in self-reflection and working with a career coach on articulating my values, strengths, and goals.  I wanted a new challenge and to serve in a new capacity.  I am a first generation college graduate, and the opportunity that my parents were able to provide me transformed my life.  Education and teaching kept rising to the top of what I felt called to do in my next chapter.  One problem, I had no experience or training in teaching!  I truly believe God intervened to remove that barrier by bringing incredible people into my life, starting with the leadership at Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep in Waukegan.  They gave me the opportunity and support, based solely on my good intentions, to teach at Cristo Rey.  I fell in love with the students, the mission, the intellectual and spiritual environment, and the challenges in learning how to teach. I eventually transitioned to teaching at Arrupe College.  The leadership, faculty, and staff at Arrupe are student-centered first and foremost, and so supportive for me personally.  Pedro Arrupe sums it up best:  Fall in love, stay in love, and it will decide everything.  I am honored to be a part of the community.

What’s your favorite part about teaching? And the biggest challenge?

In my math and statistics classes especially, the biggest challenge is the significant differentiation in math preparation our students come to Arrupe with.  I want to meet each student where they are and help them to develop the quantitative literacy they will need to succeed in whatever professional career they choose. My favorite part of teaching is building relationships with the students, creating a safe learning environment where they can share their diverse views and experiences, challenging them to think in new ways, and being a combination of coach/mentor/facilitator/cheerleader on their road to success.  Seeing them graduate from Arrupe and continue on in their educational journey is the final capstone and very rewarding!  I would not miss celebrating their accomplishment, as they commence to even bigger and better things.