Snapshot of Current Students, Spring 2019

Average ACT/SAT* 17/920
Average High School GPA 2.85
Female/Male 60%/40%
Identify as person of color 97%
Arrupe College cumulative GPA, Spring 2019 2.43
Eligible for PELL grants** 74%
Receive institutionally-funded financial aid and/or merit scholarships 100%

*Most Illinois schools have started to replace the ACT with the SAT. The majority of students who matriculated in Fall 2018 took the SAT and the score reported is only for this cohort. An SAT score of 920 is equivalent to an ACT score of 17.

**This is a percentage of FAFSA-eligible students. Arrupe College also serves students whose immigration status makes them ineligible for federal and state aid.



Program Outcomes, Spring 2019

Average freshman to sophomore year retention rate 74%
Average graduation rate 52%
Percentage of Arrupe College graduates immediately matriculating at four-year institutions 87%
Of graduates matriculating immediately, percentage completing bachelor's degree in four years 49%