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The Fall 2022 Arrupe Student Resource Guide is a resource to help you in this transition to college. We put together a list of our most often used resources from academic to career support and more. You can count on the staff, faculty, and students in this guide to help guide your students through this academic year.


Academic Advice Corner 

Four Things Every Student Should do their First Month at Arrupe


Whether this is your first semester at Arrupe (welcome!) or whether you are a continuing student, we share our top recommendations to start your first month on the right track.  

Did you know that being involved on campus can increase your motivation, academic performance, and overall enjoyment of the college experience? The Office of Student Services (OSS) has a variety of student clubs and leadership organizations for you to join! In addition, The Loyola Student Activities and Greek Life Affairs (SAGA) has over 200 academic, cultural/diversity, media, political, service, religious/spiritual, and special interest student organizations. Select the club or organization that best speaks to you!

  • Week #1. Connect to Campus. A perfect opportunity is by attending the Welcome Week Organization Fairs. The Loyola Student Organization fair will be held on Wednesday, August 31st at Lake Shore Campus at the Gentile Arena from 3-6pm. The Arrupe Organization fair will be held on Thursday, September 15th from 12:00-2:00pm. Check the Monday Message for more details!  

As you know, high school and college are very distinct academic structures. In college, it is up to you to manage your time and energy. Ideally you should devote 6 hours per week to each class. This is roughly 25 hours per week to work on homework, review notes, study, etc. At first glance, it may seem like there is an infinite amount of time to complete assignments. Unfortunately, there is not. Within your first month, commit to a productive routine that allows you to prioritize your academic goals with time for yourself as well.   

  • Week #2: Manage Your Time. Create a schedule to help you juggle your fall semester. Need assistance? Make an appointment with the Retention and Learning Coordinator to create a productive schedule - https://calendly.com/jmolina2  

Your academic advisor will be your “go-to” person for all matters related to your academic progress from selecting your pre-major to mentoring on career options. Connect or (re)connect with them this Fall! Office hours are time set aside for you to have convenient access to your professors and advisors, so be sure to use them! In these meetings you should discuss your academic goals and any support you may need to maintain successful progress. You can walk into your advisor's office during their established office hours or email them to meet ahead of time.  

  • Week #3 Establish professional relationships. Begin (or continue) conversations with your academic advisor regarding your academic ambitions.  

Think beyond today. We know that Arrupe is a steppingstone in your journey, whether that is continuing to obtain your bachelor's degree or to seeking meaningful employment. With this in mind, set goals for the semester, the academic year, and even your career! Think about what you would like to accomplish, skills you would like to develop, and what connections you would like to make at Arrupe to help you obtain your goals. Having these goals will give you motivation when the going gets tough.  

Inevitably you will come across something you do not know. That is when your community comes in. We are here to support you!  

For more academic tips, stop by Maguire Hall Office 394.  

By Jackie Molina 
Retention and Learning Coordinator 
Maguire Hall Room 394 


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