Damien Sewell, Jr. '22

Major: Criminal Justice
High School: Amundsen, 2020
Involvements: Dean's List, Pi Theta Kappa, Black Men for Success (BMS), vice president of Black Student Union (BSU), and an internship with the Illinois Comptroller's Office

Hello! My name is Damien Sewell. I'm here to tell you about my Arrupe College experience.

How I chose my major:
Growing up in the city of Chicago, I regarded those contributing to the establishment of law and order in society as superheroes, performing their duties with the promise of serving and protecting. As someone who possesses a firm belief in the necessity of law and order in society, practicing the law was something I envisioned myself doing as a career. This fueled my aspiration of one day becoming a federal prosecutor.

My plans after graduation:
After completing my undergrad, I intend to pursue a Master of Arts (MA) degree in criminal justice and criminology. Obtaining a master’s degree has become one of my long-term goals as I prepare to apply to law school. I am confident that my undergraduate studies in criminal justice & criminology have provided me with a wide array of competencies required for understanding and practicing law. I've decided to continue my education in this field because legal theory and how those theories are instrumental in establishing justice have captivated my interest as I have become more knowledgeable of its functionality. It convinces me that practicing law would also enable to better embody the Jesuit values of being a person for others.

Professor a new student should absolutely take a class with:
I would encourage any incoming students to enroll in either Professor Minerva or Professor Tarantino’s philosophy classes! These are such unique and inspiring professors. I respected the way in which they structured their courses because most of the conversations that were being conducted were advantageous for me by assisting me in developing an in-depth understanding of myself, my purpose, and how we, as humans, perceive the world.

Class I never expected to love:
During the summer semester, Arrupe College is offering an interpreting Shakespeare course. Although the language of Shakespeare is somewhat confusing, I admire how the class was structured, and because who doesn't appreciate a little medieval intrigue?

Best thing I've done since coming to Arrupe:
The best thing I’ve done at Arrupe College is properly demonstrate cura personalis.

My favorite spot on campus:
The OSS Office because I admire talking to everyone in the vicinity and because it's positive vibes only!

Some surprisingly cool things about Arrupe:
One of the surprisingly cool things about Arrupe College is how they demonstrate a sense of community for the students enrolled at the institution.