Dan Sierra '22

Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences
High School: 2020
Involvements: Writing Fellows

Hello! My name is Dan Sierra. I'm here to tell you about my Arrupe College experience.

How I chose my major:
I chose this degree as I feared being limited to a specific area, and although these areas are empowering, I'd preferred a route where I could have a broader overview of other subjects. I tried to be wary of my own strengths and weaknesses which altogether directed me to liberal arts.

My plans after graduation:
I hope to obtain my Masters some point in the future. Though I'll give myself time to prepare for that period of study, in the meanwhile I hope to gather experiences through jobs and internships that can both prepare me for the future and improve my skills.

Professor a new student should absolutely take a class with:
I would recommend students, especially students who are following an English Major path career, to take Dr. O'Brien and Dr. Bninski. These professors lead a very thought-provoking class, are understanding, are supportive, are passionate about their subject and make great figures of advice.

Class I never expected to love:
Exploring Shakespeare. I never expected to like Shakespeare to any extent. The instructor and materials presented were more than intriguing and understandable. It was great to have a professor who felt passionate about the subject and wished for their students to feel the same.

Best thing I've done since coming to Arrupe:
Being part of Fall 2021 student Orientation. I have never known so many people in my life, and felt as though I did some good by helping students feel welcomed.

My favorite spot on campus:
Anywhere on the couches. I enjoy the couches on campus that are incredibly comfortable to both nap and study on. More seriously, I enjoyed visiting the social worker's offices to catch up or simply briefly sit. These places to me offered a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Some surprisingly cool things about Arrupe:
Arrupe is the only college in Loyola that offers an Associate Degree.