Kira Ibarra '22

Major: Business Administration
High School: Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center, 2020
Involvements: Pi Theta Kappa

Hello! My name is Kira Ibarra. I'm here to tell you about my Arrupe College experience.

How I chose my major:
I've had many leadership roles that allowed me to grow and develop other skills such as management, organization, and communication. I believe that a lot of the qualities I have and developed are fit for a leader and to eventually run a business.

My plans after graduation:
I plan to continue at Loyola studying Human Resources Management, and be an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Professor a new student should absolutely take a class with:
Dr.Cochran's interpreting literature class because he picks out the best content for the semester. He picks out great novels, short stories, and even comics to read. The environment in the class is always positive and you'll never be bored. He is also great to talk about superheroes with!

Class I never expected to love:
Ethics with Dr.Minerva. It was a great class to take because I liked the challenge of interpreting the texts written by philosophers and relating their words to today's society.

Best thing I've done since coming to Arrupe:
The opportunities I've been given such as an HR internship and getting to know amazing people at Arrupe who are just as passionate about their life goals.

My favorite spot on campus:
The Wintrust student commons because lunch is the best part of the day.

Some surprisingly cool things about Arrupe:
Getting to experience the bond between Dean Keys and Dean Sarah with their jokes and Colleen bringing her dog, Rudy during finals week.