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Spring 2019 Tutoring Schedule

Academic Advising at Arrupe College

At Arrupe, faculty advising goes beyond its foundation in academic advising (registration, academic supports, bureaucracy management, etc.) in order to implement cura personalis. Faculty advisors are student advocates and mentors who care for students and help with cultural navigation and integration processes at Arrupe and throughout the transfer process to four-year schools. Faculty advising constitutes a year-round communicative relationship with advisees dedicated to helping them achieve their holistic goals and have a successful and empowering college experience. Faculty advisors provide a first point of contact when students are unclear where to go, helping to resolve issues and refer students to the resources that best suit their current needs while helping students to develop their ability to engage complex systems and problems with increasing confidence and independence.

Faculty serve as mentors to a cohort of 20 advisees, providing timely information on academic policies and procedures, coaching students to identify solutions to academic, personal and professional challenges, and advocating on students behalf as needed.  Faculty hold group advisories 4 times per semester and meet with each advisee at least twice per semester.

You can view your advisor assignment by logging into your Locus student center. 

Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows are Arrupe College students who act as peers/experts, supporting their peers’ writing through modelling, collaboration, and feedback. The Fellows provide academic support to their peers through two channels:  

1) Embedded Tutoring in an Enhanced ACWRI Sequence

The Enhanced ACWRI sequence makes individualized supplementary instruction an integral part of ACWRI 105and ACWRI 110. Enhanced sequences are scheduled in the morning and afternoon. Two Writing Fellows are attached to each Enhanced ACWRI section. Each Fellow is assigned 10 students with whom to meet for 25 minutes every week. Weekly meetings are individualized, with the student setting the agenda. By providing embedded tutoring as part of an Enhanced ACWRI sequence, Fellows help freshmen make the transition to college writing.

2) Open Office Hours

Using a model similar to the Loyola Writing Center, Fellows offers 25-minute appointments for one-on-one workshopping and feedback. By holding office hours, Fellows support writing across the curriculum for all Arrupe students. Office hours are posted throughout Maguire Hall and available on the Arrupe website.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to work with the Writing Fellows, you can contact the program director, Dr. Jose Castellanos.

Math Fellows

Similar to the Writing Fellows, Arrupe College trains a cadre of sophomores who tutor students in math and statistics. Fellows are available to Arrupe students at multiple points throughout the week. 

Fellows offer one-on-one tutoring opportunities during office hours and content-specific whole group development workshops. Tutoring schedules are posted throughout Maguire Hall.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to work with the Math Fellows, you can contact the program director, Kate Nissan

Business Fellows

Similar to the Writing Fellows and Math Fellows, Business Fellows offer one-on-one tutoring in accounting, microeconomics, and macroeconomics.

Tutoring schedules are posted throughout Maguire Hall.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to work with the Business Fellows, you can contact the program director, Susan McCarthy


Learning Resources at Loyola

Writing Center

The LUC Writing Center guides students towards becoming better writers who can clearly communicate their most important opinions and careful research in a thoughtful, thorough manner, starting from drafting based on reading and lecture notes, private reflections, and discussion with peers to completing a final essay draft. Undergraduate and graduate tutors from all disciplinary backgrounds assist students at every stage of the writing process, helping them understand prompts, conduct research, brainstorm, outline and draft their essay, and even format a Works Cited page or annotated bibliography.

Center for Tutoring and Academic Excellence

Students seeking additional learning support are invited to engage The Center for Tutoring and Academic Excellence (CTAE), the primary tutoring center of Loyola University Chicago.

CTAE embodies the mission of Loyola University Chicago by providing academic services and resources which foster development of skills and attitudes necessary to increase the knowledge and academic independence of all students.  Through multiple learning services including small group tutoring, academic coaching, and academic skills workshops, the CTAE helps to contribute towards student success and growth efforts that are made by Loyola University Chicago.

Through learning experiences offered at the Center for Tutoring & Academic Excellence, students are expected to participate in not only their own academic success but also the success of their fellow classmates. 

Students of Loyola University Chicago are encouraged to engage in conversations that will deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.  The center provides a space where learning dialogue can take place and minds work together to achieve academic success and assert academic integrity.