Arrupe College Meet and Greet

Arrupe College Meet and Greet

Rising sophomore and Arrupe Student Government Association member Asya Meadows served on a student panel at the event and wrote the following recap and reflection for our newsletter:

On Thursday, June 23, Arrupe College hosted a Meet and Greet for the incoming freshmen in Room 110. Students, faculty, and staff attended the event. It was the first event in which the second class and the first class officially met one another. We had a student panel that allowed the incoming students to get an idea of what it is like at Arrupe from a student perspective.

The moderator, Assistant Director of Admissions Isabel Reyes, asked the panel several questions and then opened up the floor to the new students. The questions included the following: What is your average day like at Arrupe? What was the transition like from high school to college? What was the retreat like at LUREC (Loyola University Chicago Retreat and Ecology Center)? What advice do you wish you had received when you were an incoming freshman?

I was glad that I was on the panel because I felt that I took what I learned from my own experience and gave it back to benefit the incoming freshmen. I think that letting the freshmen know that the Arrupe community supports each other and that there are reliable resources to further their success is important. I met a couple of the future students, and it was pretty cool that they are excited to come to Arrupe and that they wanted to chat a little bit more about what it was like for me.

One piece of advice that I think is helpful for new students is to download the Loyola apps, the student email, and the transit app on your phone. They help save so much time and the lecture you will get from your professors about checking your emails daily! This event was important because when I was a freshman I always wanted to know what to expect and how to prepare for college. It also gave the new students a chance to establish a connection with current Arrupe students so that when they arrive in the fall they won’t feel scared or alone because they already know someone. Finally, this event represents one of Arrupe’s core values, which is being men and women for others.