Due to coronavirus, academic services have moved online.


Arrupe Fellows: Get support for Writing, Math, & Business

The Writing Fellows, Math Fellows, and Business Fellows schedules will be changing starting Monday March 16th, 2020 to reflect new availability.

  • Our online system is easy! You will make appointments just like you did for Writing Fellows using arrupe.mywconline.com. The only difference is that you will click on your appointment box during your scheduled time and enter a chat room complete with video, audio, text chat, MathJax, and a word processor! Check out these step-by-step instructions: How to access online tutoring
  • You can create daily appointments with a tutor just like before. If you would like to make weekly sessions with a specific tutor or at a certain time then you may reach out to either efernandez2@luc.edu or nmoreno4@luc.edu and we will schedule you.
  • Writing Fellows and Business Fellows online tutoring inquiries should be sent to efernandez2@luc.edu.
  • Math Fellows online tutoring inquiries should be sent to nmoreno4@luc.edu.
  • Faculty and Staff may reach out to jcastellanos3@luc.edu.

Fellows are here to help as much as we can, but we also need accurate communication and effort from students in order to make online tutoring successful. Let’s work together!


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Academic Success Coaching

Want to work on organization, time management, notetaking, exam preparation, goal-setting, or other academic skills? Come to Success Coaching!

Tips for Online Test-Taking

If you're used to taking tests in person, it may take you a minute to get used to taking tests online in Sakai. Check out these tips to help you with the transition.