February 15, 2018

SEIU Local 73 Negotiations – 2/14 Bargaining Update

February 15, 2018

Arts and Sciences Colleagues:

Loyola University Chicago and SEIU Local 73 met Wednesday, February 14, for their most recent College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) bargaining session. At the session, we reached Tentative Agreements (TAs) on two proposals, which are detailed below. Loyola and the Union have now reached 17 total Tentative Agreements – including five in the past month. The University remains committed to bargaining in good faith and with a sense of urgency to try to reach a fair and reasonable agreement as soon as possible. Our goal is a contract that is good for our faculty, our students, and the entire Loyola University Chicago academic community.

At Wednesday’s session, the parties reached two Tentative Agreements:

Proposal VII: Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination – The parties agreed that both the University and the Union shall comply with all applicable laws forbidding discrimination and harassment. The University already prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion (except where religion is a bona fide occupational qualifications for the job), national or ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran’s status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law as amended from time to time. Any reference to faculty members in the University’s Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination in Employment Policy is intended to be inclusive of unionized faculty members covered by this collective bargaining agreement.

Proposal XI: Grievance and Arbitration – The parties agreed to procedures for grievances. A grievance within the meaning of the collective bargaining agreement shall be any complaint or dispute initiated by the University or the Union arising out of the application, interpretation, or claimed violation of a specific term or provision of the collective bargaining agreement, or any action or decision of a supervisor that a unionized faculty member believes to be unfair, unjust, or in violation of established Loyola policies or procedures in the agreement. 

Loyola shared two counterproposals, which were discussed by both parties:

Proposal XVII: Professional Development – Loyola proposed creating a Professional Development Fund for full-time unionized faculty members on renewable appointments. The total amount payable from the Professional Development Fund in each fiscal year during the term of the collective bargaining agreement will not exceed $15,000, and can be used to provide funding for expenses associated with professional development, including, but not limited to: conferences, workshops, seminars and travel expenses. Full-time unionized faculty members on renewable appointments may apply in writing for reimbursement from the Professional Development Fund, up to $400 per individual per fiscal year. The Union presented a counterproposal seeking a larger Professional Development Fund and Paid Professional Development Leaves for full-time unionized faculty on renewable appointments, which will be discussed at future bargaining sessions.

Proposal XXI: Access to Services – Both parties shared counterproposals on this topic, which covers access to equipment, computer software, technology training/technical support, office space, room reservations, library resources, University email, and teacher and pedagogical training programs.

Proposal XXX: Course Cancellation Fee – Loyola proposed that part-time unionized faculty shall be paid a course cancellation fee of $167 per credit if the course is cancelled, or the course is reassigned to a full-time faculty member, in either case within 14 calendar days before the first scheduled class meeting for the course. If the course is cancelled or reassigned after the first scheduled class meeting, Loyola proposed that the unionized faculty member shall be paid the course cancellation fee plus the pro-rated amount for classes taught. This dollar amount is more generous than the language in many other SEIU contracts such as Georgetown University and American University. The Union indicated it would stick with its previously shared counterproposal seeking higher financial compensation for course cancellations.

What’s Next?
Loyola and SEIU Local 73 will meet for their next bargaining session on March 6. In the meantime, please visit the CAS bargaining website for additional information.


Tom Regan, S.J.
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences