Loyola University Chicago and SEIU Local 73 met on April 1 for our fifth College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) bargaining session. The session was productive, with negotiating remaining collegial and both parties committed to moving forward.

At the session, Loyola did not propose any changes or updates to the existing collective bargaining agreement between the University and SEIU Local 73.

SEIU Local 73 made four economic proposals, which were discussed briefly by both parties and will be further discussed at the next scheduled session:

Article 13-Promotions – The Union proposed several amendments to Article 13, including:

  • Article 13.1-General: The Union proposed allowing full-time Unionized Faculty members to participate in the election of the College of Arts and Sciences’ Rank, Tenure, and Leave Committee members.
  • Article 13.2-Ranks: The Union proposed that any faculty member who leaves Loyola and is rehired within five (5) years will return to the rank they were when they left and will retain their previous years of service for the purpose of calculating future promotions.
  • Article 13.3-Criteria: The Union proposed updating the General Promotion Procedure section to note that when a full-time Unionized Faculty member emails their department chairperson to express interest in being a candidate for a promotion, the department chairperson will send a confirmation email acknowledging receipt. If the department chairperson doesn’t then begin the promotion process by the date specified in the department’s guidelines, that candidate will not be negatively impacted and will be given no less than thirty (30) days to submit their promotion portfolio.

Article 20-Workload – The Union proposed several amendments to Article 20, including:

  • Article 20.1(A)-Full-Time Regular Workload: The Union proposed reducing the number of three-credit hour courses full-time Unionized Faculty members are required to teach during each academic year from eight (8) to seven (7) or reducing the total number of credit hours, if classes are less than three credits, from twenty-four (24) to twenty-one (21).
  • Article 20.1(F)-Large Course Enrollments: The Union proposed adding Article 20.1(F) to note any course section with an enrollment of more than sixty (60) students will be counted as two (2) standard three-credit hour courses.
  • Article 20.1(G)-Department of Fine and Performing Arts: The Union proposed adding DANC 312 and DANC 314 to the list of courses that are equivalent to one (1) standard three-credit hour course.
  • Article 20.1(G)(7): The Union proposed adding Article 20.1(G)(7) to note additional work outside the teaching contract done by full-time and part-time Unionized Faculty members in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts can exceed the maximum teaching workload on a case-by-case basis. When such work is offered by the department, it will notify the Union and engage with the Unionized Faculty member around the expectations of the work.

Article 22-Benefits – The Union proposed several amendments to Article 22, including:

  • Article 22.1-Full-Time Unionized Faculty: The Union proposed that all full-time Unionized Faculty members will be eligible for maternity and parental leave policy.
  • Article 22.2-Part-Time Unionized Faculty: The Union proposed revising and adding sections to Article 22.2, including:
    • Article 22.2(A): The Union proposed that, should part-time Unionized Faculty opt into the University Health Program, they will be eligible to receive medical care at any Loyola Student Health Services Center on campus or virtually, if the center offers telehealth services. The Union also proposed that once a part-time Unionized Faculty member receives the designation of “adjunct instructor,” they will be eligible for health insurance benefits under the same terms and conditions as full-time Unionized Faculty members.
    • Article 22.2(B): The Union proposed that part-time Unionized Faculty will be eligible for short-term disability on the same terms and conditions as full-time Unionized Faculty.
    • Article 22.2(C): The Union proposed that part-time Unionized Faculty will be eligible for maternity and parental leave on the same terms and conditions as full-time Unionized Faculty.

Article 23-Wages – The Union proposed two changes to Article 23, including:

  • Article 23.1 (B)(4)-Adjunct Instructors: The Union proposed part-time Unionized Faculty members who achieve the status of “Adjunct Instructor” will be compensated at a minimum pay rate of one half the salary of a Lecturer.
  • Article 23.4-Salary Increases for Unionized Faculty members/Increases to Minimum Annual Salary: The Union proposed seven (7) percent increases to all Unionized Faculty member salaries for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023. The salary increases will be effective on July 1 of each year.

What’s Next?
Loyola and SEIU Local 73 will meet for our next bargaining session on Monday, April 12. In the meantime, please visit LUC.edu/bargaining for additional information.

Scheduled Bargaining Sessions

All times from 9-12, except at noted for March 24th:

  • March 4 (TH)
  • March 10 (W)
  • March 18 (TH)
  • March 24 (W, 1-4 pm)
  • April 1 (TH)
  • April 5 (M)
  • April 22 (TH)
  • April 29 (TH)
  • May 6 (TH)
  • May 11 (T)

*schedule subject to change by parties.