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Baumhart Center

Housed in the Loyola Business Leadership Hub


Brian Abrams, Founder, Corporate Imaging Concepts

Brian Abrams, Founder of Corporate Imaging Concepts, believes in the Baumhart Center.

“When I began as an entrepreneur, the choice was binary: either you were going to be in a for profit enterprise or a not for profit enterprise. But what I’ve seen over the last two decades is the bringing together of both those worlds. The Baumhart Center is training tomorrow’s leaders to understand a world that isn’t just profit or nonprofit but a confluence of the two.”

“It’s awakening of sorts for those of us who are entrepreneurs, to understand that we can have a life with purpose, yet still build a scalable business,” says Abrams.

Susan Crown, Chairman and CEO, Owl Creek Partners

Susan Crown, the chairman and CEO of Owl Creek Partners, believes in the Baumhart Center.

"What's really interesting about Baumhart is that it's bridging between all these various sectors and bringing them together so they can learn from one another and so they can innovate," says Crown.

"It's just a really fascinating approach: bringing things together that are unlikely partnerships, but upon reflection seem like just the right fit."

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Paul Fisher, Former President & CEO, CenterPoint Properties

Paul Fisher, Chair of the Baumhart Center Advisory Board, talks about his involvement with Loyola's Business Leadership Hub and the value of membership.

Janet Froetscher, President, J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation

Janet Froetscher, the President of the J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation, believes in the Baumhart Center.

“To be able to create lasting change, we need to be able to talk to each other. So for business leaders, nonprofit leaders to be able to understand the perspective they bring into the room…they need the exposure to each other. They need to be able to share dreams, share ideas, share approaches, understand each other,” says Froetscher.

And the better leaders understand each other, says Froetscher, the more trust they will have. “When you trust each other, you can do miracles.”

Dorri McWhorter, CEO, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Dorri McWhorter, the CEO of the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, believes in the Baumhart Center.

In order to do well and do good, McWhorter believes students have to stop separating the two: “Make it one common goal because it doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, and that’s where you have an opportunity to really create impact.”

In Dorri’s words, Baumhart is “ahead of its time relative to helping people understand that you can’t do business and purpose exclusively, that they to be integrated, is something that will definitely serve students in the long run.”

Sundaram Nagarajan, Executive Vice President, ITW

Sundaram Nagarajan, the Executive Vice President of ITW, believes in the Baumhart Center.

Naga has found that investors are caring more and more about how a company does good.

“I think it’s fantastic to see the Baumhart Center, as well as Loyola, taking a really focused effort around how you combine business and social purpose. People want to come to work for a company that wants to do more than just what the business is about.”

Tim Stojka, CEO, Agentis

Tim Stojka, CEO of Agentis, believes in the Baumhart Center.

"What we're seeing here is there's a way to make money, provide jobs, provide employment, provide opportunity for people, and also do a lot of social good," says Stojka. "The Baumhart Center provides the toolkit, provides a framework, provides resources right for people like me and other entrepreneurs to go out and build new businesses.

"I wish I would have had exposure to something like the Baumhart Center when I was an undergraduate or graduate student."

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Matt Summy, Vice President, Comcast

Matt Summy, Vice President of Comcast, believes in the Baumhart Center.

“If the company can play a role in improving communities, then that’s always our goal,” shares Summy.

“The Baumhart Center…seeks to be a center of gravity to not only bring together the resources of Loyola, but to bring the community together to talk about the ideas and then help talk about the implementation. Loyola is terrific in terms of those best practices, but it’s those human connections that you get through a center like the Baumhart Center that help us not only find the ways we can have an impact but help us find partners to achieve those impacts.”

William Towns, Executive Director, Benefit Chicago

William Towns, Executive Director of Benefit Chicago, believes in the Baumhart Center.

"This initiative, I think, will be seen globally as an example for other institutions around the world to mimic and follow, and will, I think, have a tremendous impact. The more people that get involved, the better the city and the better the world will be."

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Neli Vasquez Rowland, Co-Founder and President, A Safe Haven Foundation

Neli Vasquez Rowland, Co-Founder and President of A Safe Haven Foundation, believes in the Baumhart Center.

Rowland believes society is shaped by how money is spent, earned, and invested.

“When I enrolled in Loyola University, I was really coming here for a degree in business. But what I got was not only a degree in business, but also a great foundation that helped me think about how doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive terms. In fact, they actually enhance one another.”

Kevin Willer, Partner, Chicago Ventures

Kevin Willer, partner at Chicago Ventures and trustee of Loyola University Chicago, believes in the Baumhart Center.

"I think the Baumhart Center's work is the most important work we can be doing in Chicago," says Willer. "We have an opportunity at Loyola and specifically through the Baumhart Center to help fuse the action of business creation and social impact and really be a leader nationally and globally for them."

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