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Baumhart Center

Housed in the Loyola Business Leadership Hub

Application Process


To apply to be a Baumhart Scholar, candidates should select and submit the MBA: Baumhart Scholars application.

Baumhart Scholars is a highly-selective program within the Quinlan MBA. Scholars must meet all current MBA admission requirements, plus:

  • Have at least 3 years of work experience with a clear progression in leadership responsibilities
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to environmental and social issues
  • Have a vision for how to use this MBA experience to advance their career and their impact

Scholars must also go through an interview process with Baumhart Center staff and advisory council members.

Apply Now

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Candidates for Baumhart Scholars should submit both applications by January 29 (early decision), March 31 (round one) or May 31 (round two). Selected candidates will be interviewed shortly after the close of each round.