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Darcy Addison - Baumhart Scholar


Darcy currently serves as a consultant to arts, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations, helping her clients build impactful programs and policies, infrastructure, and capacity. Darcy has diverse experience working with clients such as The Chicago Academy for the Arts, Collaboraction Theatre Company, Sustain Arts, and currently the Chicago Architectural Biennial. She also offers her talents through pro-bono work for non-profits, theaters, and individual artists, who are committed to driving social impact through the arts. Her expertise includes fundraising, grantmaking, project management, program development, relationship building, and establishing partnerships. She has extensive experience with board development and engagement and has sat on several non-profit boards.

Darcy believes the arts can be used as a powerful tool to stimulate social change. The majority of her 20-year career has been focused on non-profit organizations and programs that support art education, youth development, and women’s issues. Darcy has been fortunate to work as a Program Officer at the Irving Harris Foundation, in numerous roles at Gallery 37 (now After School Matters - the city’s job-training program for youth ages 14-21), as well as for the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs (now DCASE).

Darcy earned her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University, with a major in Theater and a concentration in Women’s Studies. She currently serves as a mentor and teaches professional development workshops, through its alumni network, in addition to being a guest speaker in the University's arts administration program.