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Robyn Lustbader - Baumhart Scholar


Robyn Lustbader is the Senior Sales and Account Manager for Lagniappe Beverage, a distributor focused on working with wine, spirits and cider producers that farm and operate responsibly. In addition to working directly with clients on a day-to-day basis, Robyn spearheads the organization’s corporate social responsibility efforts, and oversees their marketing presence and wine education events through vendors around the city. She is particularly passionate about how companies can truly move the needle for sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion through their partnerships and supply chains.

Besides being an enthusiastic and driven employee at Lagniappe Beverage, Robyn is also a professional musician and holds a degree in Voice Performance and Music Education from Ithaca College. It was during her time in Ithaca that she started working with wineries on Cayuga Lake. Furthering that passion for the food and wine industry jointly with her passion for music, Robyn also works with K-12 students for individual lessons both in voice training and piano. She also sings with the Chicago Chamber Choir, a non-profit chamber ensemble on Chicago’s north side, and also manages a part of the Chicago Chamber Choir’s online presence.