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Baumhart Center

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Ryan Paul - Baumhart Scholar


Ryan is the Director of Client Engagement at One North, a digital agency that helps some of the world’s most complex organizations stand out from the crowd by delivering breakthrough brand experiences. As the Director of Client Engagement, Ryan leverages One North’s expertise in reimagining how clients connect, communicate and engage with their audiences to lead the company’s Client Engagement Center of Excellence, a center dedicated to training and growing the engagement management team. Ryan is also an active member of employee resource groups that help support the evolving Diversity and Inclusion needs of the organization.

Ryan is an agile leader focused on sustainability, who has designed and delivered impact in innovation, digital brand and marketing. Ryan’s passion is the fuel that propels his purpose, creativity, design thinking, collaborative style and entrepreneurial work ethic. He brings an upbeat energy and enthusiasm to all engagements, effectively driving excitement throughout the process. An ability to view projects on a broader scale allows Ryan to envision the big picture, as well as strategize and operationalize processes efficiently down to the fine details, to ensure company objectives are met. Ryan is an achiever and accomplishes goals in an ever-changing environment. He is continually seeking professional development opportunities to grow and learn through research, education, discussions and experiences.