The Nonprofit Management Minor equips Loyola undergraduate students with the skills, knowledge, and values to be a future leader at a nonprofit, philanthropy or government agency.

In the Minor, students will:

  • Explore the principles and practices of successful leadership
  • Examine how nonprofits develop their missions, strategic plans, fundraising initiatives, and program models
  • Develop analytic and entrepreneurial skills that you can apply in nonprofit settings
  • Participate in an internship at a nonprofit that provides hands-on experience in management

Preparing Students for Bright Futures

The Minor builds on research which indicates that the more you learn about the nonprofit sector in college, the better prepared you'll be to thrive in the sector after college. One study by LinkedIn (which indicates correlation not causation) found that individuals with a specific nonprofit management certificate from their University were seven times more likely than an average employee to rise to director-level roles in non-profits.

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