Students reimagine markets with morals in mind

Students reimagine markets with morals in mind

Loyola Students and Baumhart Professor Jennifer J. Griffin attend Georgetown’s Symposium on Markets and Catholic Social Thought

By Hannah Puvalowski, Student Reporter

Six Loyola students gathered with student leaders from nine schools across the country for the 2019 spring symposium on Markets and Catholic Social Thought at Georgetown University. The event featured numerous keynote speakers and breakout sessions to explore the implications of Catholic thought and traditions on our ethical obligations as we engage in market activities.

The symposium, intentionally designed to spark conversation among undergraduate leaders, highlighted numerous articles and two books for interdisciplinary discussions interweaving religion, history, economics and ethics.  Engaging with the book authors and noted scholars, the symposium focused on: (1) the modern church and modern market (2) markets and morality and (3) ethics and excellence in business.

Jaycie Weathers, a senior studying Environmental Policy in a 5-year BA/Master of Public Policy program at Loyola, said she “learned a lot about Catholic Social Thought and how it can be applied to corporations to create a more conscious private sector.”

Lydia Knoll, a junior International Business-major, found the symposium to be “a space to have constructive discussion on divisive issues such as international aid, corporate responsibility, worker’s rights, and human dignity. In my breakout session we often came back to the relationship among religion, government, and business to discuss the roles of each in our society.”  Ms. Weathers and Ms. Knoll were accompanied by Alyssa Cuffie, a junior studying marketing and information systems; Marely Guzman a junior majoring in management with a focus on pre-law; Emily Kate Marticello a senior management major with minors in finance and Catholic studies; and Omar Ruiz, a junior studying finance.  A waitlist has started for the 2020 symposium.

The conference provided the tools and discussion to guide business leaders towards more socially responsible individuals and organizations. Dr. Jennifer J. Griffin, Raymond C. Baumhart S.J. Professor of Business Ethic and Professor of Strategy at the Quinlan School of Business, was “proud of all of our student’s thoughtfulness and thorough examination of the many intersections among markets, morality and money.”

The students attending the conference were sponsored by the Raymond C. Baumhart SJ Chair of Business Ethics and the Baumhart Center.