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The Baumhart Center is proud to support Loyola University Chicago’s commitment to transformative education.

Leveraging the expertise of our Faculty CouncilLeadership Council, and Student Advisory Board, we support the development of courses that prepare Loyola students for futures in social impact, social enterprise, and social responsibility.

In 2018, we supported two curricular developments:

  • New interdisciplinary graduate class
    A new graduate course in social enterprise engages students across five Loyola graduate programs: business, social work, education, gender studies, and social justice. Motivated by their passion for social enterprise, students in the class explore how to leverage business strategy to address society’s most pressing social needs.
  • New minor in nonprofit management
    A new minor in nonprofit management will launch in 2019, and will provide students with the theoretical and practical skills to be future executives of nonprofit institutions and philanthropies.

Share your ideas

If you have ideas for how our curriculum can better support students in pursuing futures in social impact, enterprise, or responsibility, please reach out to Seth Green at sgreen12@luc.edu to set up a time to share your ideas.

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