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Dietary Obesity and Diabetes

This project is designed to identify the genetic basis for variation in obesity and diabetes-associated traits and the development of obesity and diabetes in response to a high-fat diet. Obesity has reached very high levels in the US and other developed
countries and is beginning to increase in frequency even in countries with less developed economies. There are a variety of causes of obesity, including genes, environments, and their interactions but the dramatic secular trend towards obesity is most likely due to dietary and lifestyle changes associated with a developed economy, not to genetic changes in the population at large. The ‘obesity epidemic’ is of environmental origin. Even so, some individuals respond to the high-fat “Western” diet by becoming obese while others exposed to the same diet do not. This individual variation in response to dietary fat is, in part, due to genetic differences. We are examining the genetic basis for variation in response to a high-fat diet in mice by following up on our discovery of several dietary-obesity quantitative trait loci (QTLs) in the LGXSM Recombinant Inbred (RI) mice. We are fine-mapping these QTLs down to a sub-cM interval in an Advanced Intercross (AI) Line to identify a set of 5-20 positional candidate loci for each QTL and evaluating the positional candidate genes for sequence and expression polymorphism between the LG/J and SM/J mouse strains. These studies will enhance our understanding of the physiological bases of dietary obesity and diabetes and identify genes affecting response to a high-fat diet.


Dr. Clay Semenkovich, Washington University

Grant Funding

Supported by a grant from NIDDK DK055736

Publications on the Topic

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