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Fauna Forever - Research and Conservation projects in the lowland and cloud forests of the Peruvian Amazon

One-Year, Non-Thesis MS program in Biomedical Sciences at Iowa State University

Biomedical Research Ph.D. - Marshall University

Woodrow Wilson Masters of Education Program

Today’s students hold entire worlds of information in their hands, and they can tailor it to their habits and need. This shift to personalized learning in K–12 classrooms demands teachers who are prepared through a similarly personalized approach. The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning is the master’s-level model for that. We’re a new kind of teacher education program, one that focuses on real-world outcomes and makes the most of the way learners learn. The WW Academy of Teaching and Learning is redefining the way teachers are prepared.

Do you dream of being a teacher? Apply to be a part of the inaugural class of M.Ed. candidates and prospective teachers.

The WW Academy program has been specially designed to meet the needs of today’s classrooms. Learn the skills needed to lead a 21st-century classroom as you work toward an initial teaching license in middle or high school STEM fields.

Application deadlines for fall 2018 enrollment:

October 17, 2017 | November 30, 2017 | January 31, 2018

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Columbia University Master of Science and Master of Public Health Programs

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health is accepting applications for Master of Science (MS) and Master of Public Health (MPH) programs.

  • Ranked one of the top five schools of public health by U.S. News & World Report
  • Work alongside and learn from world-class faculty producing cutting-edge science
  • December 15, 2017 deadline for 24-month MPH in Climate & Health, Molecular Epidemiology, Toxicology, Environmental Health Policy, Global Health
  • June 1, 2018 deadline for 12-month MS in Toxicology, 18-month Radiological Sciences
  • Preparing students to take on critical leadership roles in solving environmental challenges

Join us on November 17 at our open house or for our virtual information session on November 16. More details can be found on our website or by contacting Nina Kulacki, Director of EHS Academic Programs.

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Medix Scientific

My name is Brooke Binette from Medix Scientific and I am a Recruitment Advisor. My organization hires Biology graduates (Bachelor and Master levels) for a number of organizations in the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemical and Medical Device industries in the Chicagoland area. I am reaching out because I know a lot of your students will be graduating come May. I wanted to give you my contact information to pass along to any students who may be interested in the types of positions we hire for (which are listed below)! Please let me know if there is anything you need from me and thank you for your time.

Again some of the positions we regularly hire for include:

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

  • Lab Techs
  • Quality Techs
  • Quality Specialists
  • QC Chemists

Regulatory Affairs

  • Regulatory Affairs Associate
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Specifications Specialist

Product Development

  • Lab Techs
  • Food Technologists
  • Chemists/Analytical Scientists


Students can reach me at my contact information below if they are interested in hearing more about the opportunities.

Thank you again for your time.




Brooke Binette | Recruitment Advisor




222 S. Riverside Plaza Ste. 2120 Chicago IL 60606

# (312) 487.5830| Fax (630) 725.9049 |bbinette@medixteam.com


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Fauna Forever - Research and Conservation projects in the lowland and cloud forests of the Peruvian Amazon

Fauna Forever, a Peruvian non-profit organization, is once again looking for students and recent graduates to help assist its research and conservation projects in the lowland and cloud forests of the Peruvian Amazon during the upcoming Summer and/or Fall periods. We are particularly keen on receiving applications from potential research interns interested in the following themes:

1. Movement patterns, home range area, and foraging behavior of six Neotropical primate species in different habitat types and forest management areas in Amazonian Peru; 2. Primate and rodent habituation levels in ecotourism use areas, native community forests, Brazil nut extraction concessions, and timber extraction zones in Amazonian Peru; 3. Predation and dispersal rates by terrestrial and arboreal mammals of the seeds and fruit of keystone tree species in Amazonian Peru, including palms and long-lived canopy emergent species such as Dipteryx and Brazil nut trees; 4. Ecto- and endo-parasite loads of mammal species hunted for their bushmeat; 5. Water content of mammalian prey species of Harpy eagles, mainly primates, sloths, tamandua, etc.

To apply for a research intern position with Fauna Forever (for periods of 1 to 3 months), please send us a letter of inquiry to info@faunaforever.org and we’ll send you an application pack. You can also visit our website for more information: http://www.faunaforever.org

Note: Due to the limited nature of our central funds, successful research intern applicants will need to cover their in-country costs associated with food, accommodation, local transport, training and supervision once in Peru. We strongly encourage data collected by interns to be published in peer-reviewed journals. All field assistants are also acknowledged in our own publications. A knowledge of Spanish is not required, as all our staff speak English. Energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and working well as part of a diverse, multi-cultural and international team, is a must!

Many thanks.

Dr. Chris Kirkby

Director and Principal Investigator

Fauna Forever, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, PERU

Email: chris@faunaforever.org

Tel: +51 993915158

Facebook: /FaunaForever

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One-Year, Non-Thesis MS program in Biomedical Sciences at Iowa State University

In just one year of graduate course work, laboratory training, and collaboration with faculty on a project of choice, students can earn a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences.

The Department of Biomedical Sciences is housed within the College of Veterinary Medicine and graduate students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and learning spaces.  In addition, they have the opportunity to work with world-renowned faculty whose research interests range from molecular neurotoxicology, to pediatric immunology, to targets for antiparasitic drugs.

The One-Year, Non-Thesis MS program is designed to open up opportunities for students planning to:

·         Enter professional schools (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, PA, etc.);

·         Pursue a PhD;

·         Teach in higher education and;

·         Land a career in industry.

Visit our website at http://vetmed.iastate.edu/bms/ to find out more about all the graduate programs in Biomedical Sciences or send an email to BMSgrad@iastate.edu.

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Biomedical Research Ph.D. - Marshall University

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