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Summer 2022 Opportunities

Summer and Winter Internships at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine

INTERNSHIPS at Temple’s School of Podiatric Medicine (TUSPM) can offer eye-opening and career-steering opportunities for students interested in pursuing health care professions. From primary care to surgical interventions, a wide variety of clinical services are experienced through our internships. Students looking to serve diverse patient populations involving patient interaction and who are considering careers in sports medicine, surgery, orthopedics and wound care should consider our winter and summer programs.

Interns will attend workshops and seminars on podiatric medicine, as well as shadow and work with podiatric physicians in hospital, private practice and outpatient clinic settings (virtual for summer program).
Workshops and seminars will focus on topics such as

• introduction to podiatric medicine;
• biomechanics and pathomechanics of the foot and ankle;
• foot screening and evaluation; and
• specialties in podiatric medicine (including diabetes, sports injuries, surgery, pediatrics and wound care).

4/23/2021 summer program application deadline

winter program application deadline

INQUIRIES AND QUESTIONS regarding our winter and summer internship programs can be directed to TUSPM’s Office of Student Affairs.
Temple University School of
Podiatric Medicine
Office of Student Affairs
148 N. 8th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Medieval Cemetery Funerary Excavation
This program provides a unique opportunity to conduct extensive hands-on training and research on an exceptional well preserved medieval cemetery, with in situ remains dating from the 11th to the 18th century. Through the excavation of an abandoned medieval church in the Transylvanian (Romania) village of Valeni (Hu: Patakfalva), we are exploring how centuries of religious and political upheaval have influenced demographics and health of the individuals interred within the church walls and associated cemetery. The very high state of preservation has allowed us to retrieve, already, more than 900 adult and juvenile, the latter ranging from pre-natal to sub-adult, skeletal remains.

This field school project is part of a broader investigation of the abandonment of medieval churches in the area and provides significant opportunities for students to get involved in international bioarchaeology, multi-institution networking and collaboration, and addressing biological, archaeological, and cultural questions. Over the course of each 4-week session, students will acquire skills in broad and small scale mortuary excavation, drawing, mapping, and note taking; thereby, developing the strategic bioarchaeology skill necessary to acquire jobs working for both archaeological and forensic organizations around the world. Evenings and rain days will be used to design and complete projects using excavated materials. Students will have the opportunity to present their research in Romania, at the International Colloquium in Osteology and Bioarchaeology held every year at the Haáz Rezső Museum, as well as other major conferences if they so choose. The institutions involved are interested in extensive research and publication, allowing for many directions of continued investigation and student involvement and research.
Participants can further register to one of our Osteology Workshops, respectively the Adult Osteology Research Workshop or the Juvenile Osteology Research Workshop, in order to develop a wider array of skill sets. Academic credits can be acquired separately from University of South Florida (although it is not mandatory to register for credits to participate in our programs).
Program details:

Funerary Excavation Dates: Session 1: June 12 - July 9, 2022; Session 2: July 10 – August 6, 2022.
Location: Valeni (Patakfalva), Transylvania, Romania
Website: https://www.archaeotek-archaeology.org/medieval-cemetery-funerary-excavation
University of South Florida Brochure and Credit Application Page: https://educationabroad.global.usf.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgramAngular&id=23628
Project Director: Dr. Katie Zejdlik (Western Carolina University); co-PI: Katie Kulhavy (University of Tennessee Knoxville)
Contact: Dr. Andre Gonciar at archaeology@archaeotek.org