Loyola University Chicago

Department of Biology


The Master of Arts in Medical Sciences is offered by the Department of Biology in the Graduate School at Loyola University Chicago, Lake Side Campus. All faculty who teach in the program are members of the Graduate School and have substantial experience teaching and advising graduate students. Most have taught at medical schools prior to joining the MAMS program. All serve as advisers on Loyola’s Pre-Health Committee. Faculty have final decision making authority for the content and administration of their courses and for grading students in the courses. The MAMS faculty emphasize the need for students to be participatory in their courses and advising process.

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Gerald Buldak, PhD Advanced Lecturer of Biology Quinlan 443 773.508.3717
James Cheverud, PhD Biology Chair & Professor Quinlan 317D 773.508.3681
Dawn Franks, PhD Program Director & Advanced Lecturer Quinlan 340 773.508.3721
Erin Hayes, PhD Instructor of Biology Quinlan 431 773.508.3689
Stefan Kanzok, PhD Associate Professor of Biology Quinlan 427 773.508.3790
Diana Kim, PhD Instructor of Biology Quinlan 226 773.508.3286
F. Bryan Pickett, PhD Associate Professor of Biology Quinlan 242 773.508.3367
Ann Lux Goebel MAMS Advisor LSB 342 773-508-3624