Loyola University Chicago

Department of Biology

Welcome from the Biology Chair

The faculty of the Department of Biology at Loyola University Chicago are pleased to learn of your interest in graduate study with us. You will find a group of scientists in this department who are excited about their teaching and research, and who are dedicated to providing MAMS students with a program in which they can demonstrate their ability to excel at rigorous coursework. The department is broadly-based, so students receive quality graduate coursework and training in many of the major areas of contemporary life sciences leading in to medical training.

Our MA in Medical Sciences program prepares students for a successful entry into medical school programs. Currently our MAMS students are pursuing medical training at medical schools across the United States.

Our faculty are well-respected leaders in their respective fields, as evidenced by their extensive publications and the significant amount of external grant support they attract. Our students receive up-to-date lectures and research training in areas that are at the forefront of modern biology. The small size of the program ensures that students receive highly individualized attention throughout their time at Loyola.

Feel free to contact us at MAMS@luc.edu to learn more about our programs. We will be happy to talk with you. We very much enjoy working with our graduate students, and we hope you will seriously consider becoming one of them.

James Cheverud, PhD

Welcome from the MAMS Program Director

The MAMS program enjoys an excellent record of success in helping accomplished young people develop their most compelling applications for medical school admissions. I have taught in the MAMS program since its inception and shared the joy felt by the great majority of our students as they successfully completed our transformational program of challenging coursework and matriculated into medical school. The citizens and patients of Chicago have greatly benefitted from the many MAMS students who have served Chicago's general and children’s hospitals, community clinics and neighborhood programs through the student's generous and heartfelt service to others. This combination of academic excellence and big hearted outreach to the Chicago community has become the hallmark of each year’s MAMS student family; I hope your ambition will be to join this dynamic and caring group of young scholars. I look forward to having the opportunity to guide you as you work to accomplish your personal goals, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the MA in Medical Sciences program at MAMS@luc.edu.

Warm regards,
Dawn Franks, PhD