Loyola University Chicago

Bridge to Loyola

First Year


First Year Fall 

In the fall of the first year at Loyola Universtiy Chicago, Bridge to Loyola students are required to take a 3-credit suite of courses to build upon the skills they learned during the summer and to further assist their transition to the university setting.

The suite of courses consists of the following:

UNIV 101: First Year Seminar

This is the required courses for all first year students. Bridge students will be enrolled in specialized sections taught by their assigned Academic Advisor from the summer to continue on the work they began together in the summer. This course is focused on assisting students in their transitions to Loyola University Chicago and exposing the students to Loyola's value of social justice. 

UNIV 102: Loyola Seminar

This course is an opportunity for Academic Advisors to identify and any additional needs of Bridge students. Additionally, this course is meant to provide Bridge students with opportunities and discussions that further enrich their Loyola experience. This past fall, this seminar focused around the first-year text and convocation speaker, "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson. 

UNIV 112: Strategies for Learning

This course is meant to continue the work students engaged in their Academic Success Seminars over the summer. Each Bridge student will work with their Academic Advisor and an Academic Coach to further develop strategies for various areas including test preparation, note taking, study skills, and final exam preparation. Students will complete class readings and participate in class discussions and activities throughout the semester. Students will reflect on the motivations, achievements, and obstacles they encounter while enrolled


First Year Spring

In the spring of the first year at Loyola Universtiy Chicago, Bridge to Loyola students are required to take a 3-credit courses centered around Leadership. This past spring, Bridge students were enrolled in ELPS 125: Introduction to Leadership studies. This course fulfills the Engaged Learning requirement of the University Core and is the first course in the Leadership Studies Minor.