Loyola University Chicago

Office of the Bursar

How to: Disable pop-up blockers

Select Your Web Browser

New Versions (IE7+)

  • Click Tools from top, right-hand menu
  • Select Pop-up blocker
  • Turn Off Pop-up blocker

All Versions (Useful for Older Browsers)

  • Select Tools from the top menu bar
  • Select Internet Options from the list
  • Click the Privacy tab
  • Uncheck Turn on Pop-up Blocker

Windows OS

  • Select Tools from the top menu bar
  • Select Options from the list
  • Click the Content tab
  • Uncheck Block pop-up windows

Mac OS

  • Click Firefox from the top, left menu
  • Select Preferences from the list
  • Click the Content tab
  • Uncheck Block unrequested pop-up windows
  • Click the More icon (three dots) from the top, right
  • Select Settings from the list
  • Scroll down to select Show Advanced Settings
  • Under "Privacy," select the Content settings button
  • Scroll down to "Pop-ups" and click Allow all sites to show pop-ups

Windows OS

  • Click the Tool icon (top right)
  • Uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows from the list

Mac OS

  • Click Safari from top, left menu
  • Uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows