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Campus Reservations



All rooms are subject to blackout dates.

Please note banner reservations must be placed 14 days prior to the start date.

All academic spaces (classrooms, auditoriums, labs) are held for the first 14 days of any academic semester due to academic scheduling. Although no classroom requests can be confirmed during the hold period, even those occurring after the hold date, we encourage you to submit your request before the hold period has ended.  We process all requests on a first-come first-served basis. The purpose of a room reservation policy is to manage the usage of university facilities and resources for internal and external groups. Facility rental fees apply to select groups.

 For a full list of our room reservation policies:

Faculty/Staff Policies

Student Group Policies

Rooms that are not academic space are labeled with a *.


Reservation Codes


LSC Room Reservation Codes

CC Crown Center HSC Halas Sports Center
CFSU Centennial Forum/Student Union IC Information Commons
CL Cudahy Library LH Loyola Hall (No Reservable Rooms)
COFF Coffey Hall LSB Quinlan Life Sci. Bldg.
CS Cudahy Science Hall MH Mertz Hall (No Reservable Rooms)
DU Dumbach Hall MUND Mundelein Center
FAB Fine Arts (FNAR) Bldg. (No Reservable Rooms) PIP Piper Hall
FAC  Fine Arts Center (No Reservable Rooms) SLLC Simpson Living Learning Center
FH  Flanner Hall SULL Sullivan Center
GC Granada Center RH  Regis Hall (Winthrop)



CLC Corboy Law Center
JFMH Maguire Hall
LT Lewis Towers
SOC School of Communication
TSC Terry Student Center


See the spaces on Campus and who reserves them.


LSC Buildings


Crown Center is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. It features an auditorium with a view of the lake. Additionally, many electronic classrooms and conference rooms are available for break out sessions. For special events, a lakeside patio and spacious lobby are available.

Spaces Who Reserves Them?
CC Lobby (must be reserved with Auditorium) Campus Reservations webviewer
CC Auditorium (must be reserved with Lobby) Campus Reservations webviewer
CC 530 (Classroom/Meeting Room)* Campus Reservations webviewer
CC 200W (Classroom/Meeting Room)* Campus Reservations webviewer
CC 200E (Classroom/Meeting Room)* Campus Reservations webviewer
Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
CC 103 (Computer Labs) Campus Reservations webviewer
CC 105 (Computer Labs) Campus Reservations webviewer

The gateway to our campus, Centennial Forum Student Union (CFSU) is a convenient venue option. Easy access to public transit and open floor plans make CFSU a versatile spot. Additionally it houses several dining options and services.

Spaces Who reserves them?
CFSU Rambler Room (only on Saturday)* Campus Reservations webviewer
CFSU Bremner (Bremner Lounge)* Campus Reservations webviewer
CFSU Zip's (Zip's Lounge) Bryan Goodwin bgoodwin@luc.edu
CFSU Tables (1-2)* Campus Reservations webviewer
CFSU Banners (1-8)* Campus Reservations webviewer
CFSU Chamber Room* Campus Reservations webviewer
   Cudahy Library
Spaces Who reserves them?
CL - 318 (Movie Theater) Campus Reservations webviewer
CL DONOVAN READING ROOM Anne Reuland areuland@luc.edu
Spaces Who reserves them?

COFF McCormick Lounge

Campus Reservations webviewer
McCormick Lounge is a non-electronic
room. For video equipment, please contact
the Digital Media Lab. For audio equipment,
please contact Conference Services.
   Cudahy Science Building
Spaces Who reserves them?
CS Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
   Dumbach Hall
Spaces Who reserves them?
DU Various Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
   Flanner Hall
Spaces Who reserves them?
FH 133 (Flanner AUDI) Campus Reservations webviewer
FH Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
   Granada Center
Spaces Who reserves them?
GC West Conf Campus Reservations webviewer
GC 335A (NOT ELETRONIC) Campus Reservations webviewer
GC 335B (NOT ELETRONIC) Campus Reservations webviewer
GC 335C (NOT ELETRONIC) Campus Reservations webviewer
   Halas Sports Center/Field
Spaces Who reserves them?
Halas 2nd Floor * Nathan A. Clark nclark1@luc.edu
Dance Room Nathan A. Clark nclark1@luc.edu
Field* Nathan A. Clark nclark1@luc.edu
   Information Commons
Spaces Who reserves them?
4th Floor*

Carol A. Franklin cfrankl@luc.edu

Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
Group Study Rooms* ITS Group Study Reservation System
IC 120 (Library Instruction Classroom) Library Reservation Form
 IC 314 (Teleconference Room)  Leslie M. Haas lhaas@luc.edu
   (Quinlan) Life Science Building

Quinlan Life Science Building is one of the newest buildings on campus. This state-of-the-art facility houses electronic meeting rooms and classrooms, as well as an auditorium. A striking atrium area showcases the beauty of this modern facility with beautiful views of the heart of campus.

Spaces Who reserves them?
LSB 142 (Auditorium) Campus Reservations webviewer
LSB 312* Campus Reservations webviewer
LSB 301 (Atrium)* Campus Reservations webviewer
LSB 315 (Computer Lab) Campus Reservations webviewer
Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
LSB Tables (2)* Campus Reservations webviewer

This building was formerly Mundelein College. It is over 80 years old and is sometimes referred to as the ‘skyscraper building’. In 1980 it was added to the National Register of Historical places. Stained-glass windows as well as Art Deco chandeliers and finishes adorn the interior of the Mundelein Auditorium. This fully restored venue also boasts a courtyard complete with a garden and fountain for cocktail receptions. Additionally there are fully electronic modern classrooms for breakout sessions.

Spaces Who reserves them?


(Auditorium: non-electronic room;

for audio-visual equipment

contact Conference Services)

Campus Reservations webviewer
MUND Greenhouse* Campus Reservations webviewer
MUND 1403 & 1410 (Classrooms/Meeting Rooms; Must be reserved together)* Campus Reservations webviewer
Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
   Piper Hall

Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Piper Hall Mansion represents the finery of Early American architecture. Previously a part of Mundelein College it possesses wonderful historical value. Beautiful lake front gardens, Tiffany windows and fixtures, and a completely restored interior make this an ideal location.

Spaces Who reserves them?
PIP Mansion and Patio (Must be reserved together)* Carol A. Coyne ccoyne@luc.edu
   Simpson Living Learning Center

Vaulted ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and a decorative fireplace make Simpson Multi-Purpose Room a bright and festive meeting or special event location. Attached is student housing and a dining facility. This building is located in the middle of Campus. Therefore, easy access to parking, dining facilities, overnight housing and public transportation add to this space’s appeal.

Spaces Who reserves them?
SLLC Simpson MPR * Campus Reservations webviewer
   Sullivan Center
Spaces Who reserves them?
SULL Galvin Auditorium Campus Reservations webviewer
SULL Galvin Lobby Campus Reservations webviewer
SULL 201 (Advising Conference Room)* Campus Reservations webviewer
SULL 202 (Classroom/Meeting Room)* Campus Reservations webviewer
SULL 203 (Classroom/Meeting Room)* Campus Reservations webviewer
SULL 253 (Computer Lab)* Campus Reservations webviewer
SULL 290 (Classroom/Career Center Conference Room; cannot be reserved after 5:00 pm)* Campus Reservations webviewer

Regis Hall conveniently houses a divisible multi-purpose room, boardroom, electronic lounge spaces. It also serves as a high-end traditional resident housing. Additionally it is located close to convenient parking and public transportation.

Spaces Who reserves them?
RH 132 & 133 (Regis MPR) * Melissa Bagdon mbagdon@luc.edu
RH Seminar Room (Regis Seminar) * Melissa Bagdon mbagdon@luc.edu

During the summer months, please contact Conference Services, conferences@luc.edu.


Buildings with no codes


LSC Buildings Without Codes

Madonna Della Strada
Spaces Who reserves them?
Chapel * Cathy A. O'Sullivan cosulli@luc.edu


WTC Buildings Without Codes

   Corboy Law Center
Spaces Who reserves them?
CLC Kasbeer Hall* Campus Reservations webviewer
CLC Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer
CLC Court Room Christene Heaton cheato1@luc.edu
CLC 11th Floor Christene Heaton cheato1@luc.edu
   Lewis Towers
Spaces Who reserves them?
LT Beane Hall* Campus Reservations webviewer
LT Regents Hall (Great Hall)* Campus Reservations webviewer
LT Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer

Building Hours:

M-F: 8:00am - 10:00pm

Sat.: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sun.: Closed

* Please note: there is a $25/hour Campus Safety fee to utilize these spaces after hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

   Maguire Hall
Spaces Who reserves them?
JFMH 110 (Auditorium) Campus Reservations webviewer
JFMH Classrooms Campus Reservations webviewer

Building Hours:

M-F: 8:00am - 10:00pm

Sat.: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sun.: Closed

   Terry Student Center
Spaces Who reserves them?

TSC 303 & 304 (must be reserved together)*

AV equipment is not available Saturdays

and Sundays until 10:00 a.m.

Campus Reservations webviewer
TSC Lobby Ann Marie Morgan amorga3@luc.edu
TSC Tables (2) Ann Marie Morgan amorga3@luc.edu